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And the GVD, “The Great Safety Thinking”. Because fear rules. Let's look at the matter from a man's point of view.

Motorcycle clothing. And protection. Imagine the run-up to a passionate encounter with your dream woman. You check in your digital agenda what time of her cycle she is in. You invest in flowers, reserve at the pizzeria, provide mood lighting, shower, brush and flost. When approaching the support act, you put such a boxer bit against potentially painful tooth contact during too heavy a cushion, you put on your helmet to limit confrontations with the headboard of the bed, you put on elbow and knee protectors against abrasions caused by the fresh air starched bedding.

Is your proud association member still stiff in his posture or has he put his head in his lap like a somber dahliabol?

Bizarre? But no! Because what does a modern motorcyclist do before you get on the bike? He will first look on the radar for what the estimates are for the coming hours. And I have already seen people on GPS from Brummen to Zutphen. Someone with a fluorescent jacket that was full of the CE protectors below. Security and safety do not exist. If we just leave love out and return to our passion: Motorcycling is an awkward way to fiddle around under the constant danger of falling over. Falling over usually causes damage to the engine and ego. Unbelievable how much fragile where there is in a body. The abrasion resistance of the finishing layer is also below all standards. After all these years of product development, that should have been better!

Protective clothing

On the motorcycle, we therefore prefer to wear protective motorcycle clothing. And it is precisely in that corner that developments have gone fast. Our helmets are multifunctional systems, with click down sun visors, variable climate control, custom-made cheek pieces and equipped with Bluetooth, so that the 'splendid isolation' that we used to ride as motorcyclists, has become a knit of conversations with fellow motorcyclists, duo passengers , music and unsecured radio transmissions from all our government departments.

Modern motorcycle clothing keeps warm, dry and cool and protects with all kinds of high-tech fabrics, three-layer systems and ventilation flaps plus hard and soft protectors. Gloves have been thought about, boots contain space technology. There are jackets with airbags. A neck brace is a common attribute. And a little engine cannot do without ABS, GPS, traction control systems, speed limiters and an engine management full of ECUs that manage and control power and torque. Anti wheelie protection. Traction control, an anti-hopping link, an anti-stoppie app. But you could also learn to drive well.

Is motorcycling safer from all those interventions? "Yes." .

Does it make motorcycling more fun? Just think of the introduction to this meditation.

We all have common sense. But don't let that completely suppress our feeling. Motorcycling is about people and their bikes. And there is nothing better than a late summer ride. In jeans and a windbreaker or in stylish black leather as motorcycle clothing. On sneakers and with only the wedding ring as protection on the hands. With a jet helmet and a Ray Ban on. The wind in your face. The scent of the world in the nose. You just have to make an advance decision not to crash. And what if it goes wrong? The last time that happened I got a quick ride in a big American V8. With sirens on the roof. Top!

Man dare to live

Somewhere at the beginning of the last century, Frans Witte wrote the song: "Mensch dare to live". I say, "DO!" But never take a passenger who is not sufficiently protected. Because that passenger falls under your responsibility.

And currently there are quite a few motorcycle shops that hold autumn clearance. That makes safety extra affordable.

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