The HAN investigates: Shark plug. A panacea


We recently spoke with ing. Koen Lau, lecturer / PR Coordinator of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, the HAN, and the automotive department of that institution. The approach was the R4 project that students are working on there. Engineering nowadays has a digital / electronic basis. But combustion engines will certainly remain 'hot' in the coming years.

For the R4 rally project - we mentioned that in an earlier post. You can still sponsor via - we spoke with the team members about improving engine performance. 'Tuning technology' also offers many options for this with classic, atmospheric engines. And nowadays they can all, or almost all, be calculated in advance.

Panacea is great

Where 'the market' offers much more interesting solutions, it becomes wonderfully vague. Oil additives that reduce friction? They are possible. Although the presentation is quite often a tell-sell-like 'Halleluja! Factor has. We are currently talking to a Dutch manufacturer of that stuff. That product provides measurable improvements in practice.

The Inertial Super Charger for Urals and Dneprs is a more basic panacea: a balance hose between the intake manifolds. The system is fully satisfactory on the editorial Ural. And it can do no harm. But it looks impressive. It therefore only costs 15 euros at Richard Busweiler in Genemuiden. Even if you do crazy things, classic Russian driving remains cheap.

Investigating such things seemed like a good idea.

At HAN they can sort things out scientifically. But that costs money. And with the competitive prices for which we make AMK, that capital is not in it.

We could of course go fundraising via the site. But the experience is that classic enthusiasts are in some ways quite on the penny. Ah: we could give it a try. Start taking an annual subscription!

So there are things that help

But many brilliant things just don't do that. Koen Lau told about the investigation into the phenomenal Shark Plug. And with the Neosocket Shark Plug they say this about their product:

Neosocket is a new application of an old technology

It works like a small battery that helps the electrical system of your car / motorcycle perform better. The small device is equipped with a capacitor that, once connected to your 12V adapter, is immediately connected to the main car / motorcycle electrical system. (Capacitors are also often used to power the electronic flash in cameras.)

A capacitor: always good

The capacitor first charges and then discharges the stored electricity (voltage) when there is a high demand for energy from the alternator. The high demand for energy (reduced voltage) is caused by the use of electrical accessories in your car / motorcycle, including lights, wipers, air conditioning, stereo or a combination of these.

Instead of the alternator and the battery having to work overtime, Neosocket supplements the required voltage to reduce the load on the electrical system of all accessories used. The reduced electrical demand releases energy that can be better used to deliver a more constant and even power supply to the spark plugs and the ignition system.

The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of gasoline that you improve gas consumption and produce cleaner emissions. You also get more power, more acceleration and a smoother running engine despite the daily driving conditions.

The fact is that fuel consumption in every car / motorcycle fluctuates due to driving habits, lack of maintenance, traffic conditions and many other factors. All of these factors will rob the fuel efficiency that your car / motorcycle had to achieve. The main purpose of Neosocket is to help your engine consistently maintain its designed fuel efficiency despite all these unpredictable situations.

And then?

At the HAN they bought some of those miracle devices. Significant differences in consumption did not occur. Why? That's what the people at HAN Automotive saw when they demolished the fabulous Neosocket. There was no more than a resistor in it. And those three LED lights.

With stuff for our classics it is just like with everything that seems too good to be true. It's not true.

Thursday is an open day at HAN Automotive

There you can see how modern automotive engineering education is provided. And you can see the results. In the past not everything was better. Well clearer and more understandable.

Do you know panacea? Report it to us. For learning purposes.

The reason for the conversation
High tech 1.0. We know the system from the balance pipes at exhaust bends. So why wouldn't it work on the inlet side?


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  1. I am also very curious about the effect of a possibly more stable 12v system on the high voltage of the ignition (not so)
    The beautiful balance hose on the Ural already has my Laverda 750 from 1972, and no doubt with even more 2 cylinders from days gone by.

  2. Will be putting in parallel for this winter over the battery of the Vlovlo 850 of my better half 6x 500Farad. I still have that space there. I cannot deliver measurable results. At most, results of cold start after standing still for a week in a frost period. IF we get cold / frost. Can of course hang the voltmeter with / without capacitors. I have been planning for a while and think that the starting current should improve. Consumption is another story. Think that it works better than some resistors with three LEDs

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