Handy with a hundred: Lighter engines

"A small one who rears is better than a large one who refuses." And then: 'Size does not matter ”. And a little less loaded: “A heavy one is your true one”. Of course I am talking about motorcycles.

Firstly, because motorcycles are the most important side effect in life and also because motorcyclists are proven to be faster than any Coronavirus. Traditionally, 'driving the snot out of the head' in case of vomiting or drooping has been the solution to all ailments, including those of the dreaded hangover virus. But whether you need a very heavy engine for that?

A quarter of a century on fat bikes

For the past quarter century I have ridden Russian 650-750 cc and 1000 cc Moto Guzzi's three-wheelers. Those Russian free-range animals have always been for fun. A 750 cc IMZ or KMZ side valve delivers about 23 hp. A 650 cc Ural OHV is specified for thirty + horsepower. But in terms of size and mass, they are large. That gives a pleasant feeling of safety and traffic predominance, always great things when you drive with such bad brakes. The Guzzis were usually neo-classics - an SP3, Cali 2 and Cali 3 - that just like so many of us had to keep working despite their age. But that big one Guzzi's  Those are large, quite heavy motorcycles.

On such a thick Guzzi you still feel a bit King of the Road

To the current state of affairs, where you can buy a 300+ kilo or 200+ hp engine over the counter, such a thick transverse pushrod twin is of course prehistoric. But I have always done quite a lot of miles on those things wonderfully and without any problems. The last Cali 3 I had, a 1991'er, was almost three hundred thousand. It wasn't until I was working there that I actually saw how tired he was. I decided to put him to sleep. But because my Guzzi's just my daily drivers I was without transport at the time. And then - as unusual as it is for a man - you start thinking.

We are allowed to drive a maximum of one hundred kilometers per hour

That is actually quite fast on a residential site. But with a heavy motorcycle you usually get the most bonus points on long rides. The last few years I only drove about 10D kilometers on an annual basis. And do you still need a 1.000 cc bicycle under those circumstances? A large bicycle has its advantages. For example, I am not very small. I didn't really like the idea of ​​sitting on a moped. Yet…

In blind faith

When I was just getting interested in motorcycles - and I was early - a 650 cc machine was a Very Heavy one. That you now just one Triumph three-cylinder with a displacement of 2,5 liters can buy, that does not change that. And then I received a message that friend Kiat Que wanted to downsize his private collection of motorcycles in connection with an intended, long vacation. That stuff included a highly endearing MZ TS 250, a very cool Harley 1200 Sportster, some more stuff plus a Moto Guzzi V65C. Mindful of the idea that 650 cc was once very impressive, I gave Kiat a signal that I wanted that machine. At Kiat I dare to buy unseen. A week later I went to see what I had bought.

That was not so bad

The 'little' Guzzi looked neat and walked beautifully. But compared to the fat one Guzzi's from the 25 years before? Compared to that, about 650 - or let it be a 500 - is very small. But then really as in: “Gosh! That's small! ” In terms of seating, however, it was not so bad and along the way it was clear that fifty hp had once been quite strong in terms of power. While driving you miss the crowd. But in terms of maneuverability and acceleration you turned out to be able to have a good time on a 650 cc of something like 50 hp. Which is also a plus: That small one Guzzi's are not worth a drop and there are plenty of used parts for them. In the meantime the first few thousand kilometers have passed and I count down the days until spring. Then there will be looked at what 50 hp in the Vosges do. Maybe I'll buy another Lario.

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So it looks bigger ...


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    • I think that was the four valve problems? I've had one too. A two-valve block has been spooned into it. That went better. Incredibly beautiful things that Lario's by the way. And they still don't cost a drop.Aiii. You gave me an idea!

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