Hanomag Henschel Camper Van (F20D) (1971). Freebooter feeling for Her Majesty Sjoukje. 

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » Hanomag Henschel Camper Van (F20D) (1971). Freebooter feeling for Her Majesty Sjoukje. 
Purchasing classics there

The advantages of a camper van are undeniable, total freedom for holiday life on wheels. Everything is there, and this Hanomag still exudes a certain class even at its age of 50. The exterior also plays a role here, because the green sheen is a real holiday color.

By: Dirk de Jong

It is also special that not everyone knows the Hanomag, in contrast to, for example, a VW Transporter. The layout is spacious. The back door of the Hanomag is functional, so you can enter the 'living room'. The standing room – due to the raised roof – is also sufficient.

Her Majesty

You were misled by the text, but Sjoukje de Vries has the task of running her beauty nail and hair salon in daily life. And the name she chose very appropriately: Her Majesty. Long working days for Sjoukje, so to be able to escape once in a while for a short life on wheels is good for mental health.

Long rides

Sjoukje: “I admit that longer journeys sometimes cause problems, the comfort is of course not as optimal anymore compared to modern motorhomes. But we usually escape the mundane by visiting festivals and taking small trips with the kids. Our camper van remains more than suitable for this purpose.”

Like father like daughter?

What is also special is that my parents have exactly the same type of Hanomag. Who knows, this has moved me to follow the same route and buy one. Sjoukje: “To me it is a terribly beautiful camper, it has been given a new green color and to the question why I have done that, a simple answer is: To make it more beautiful and eye-catching. (You could also say that I made my own creation.) And to be honest, I experience the same thing every week in my hair salon, why do we dye hair? It is clear that we do that to make the woman more beautiful?”

Proud driver

Sjoukje is a proud driver. It gives her the experience atmosphere from her parents' time, reactions are nice, greetings are enthusiastic. Everyone experiences their hobby in their own way, the feeling of pleasure at Sjoukje is linked to owning the Hanomag. Going on holiday according to your own plans, control over your life, so sitting at the wheel yourself, that gives an optimal feeling of happiness.

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Hanomag Henschel Camper Van (F20D) (1971)

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  1. Well Paul, I had the same problem a few days ago and was tempted to cancel as well, luckily now it doesn't bother me anymore. regards

  2. Neighbors at my parents' house had a landscaping business. First drove an Opel Blitz and then a Hanomag Henschel. One with a cargo box. Hanomag (Hanover Maschinebau AG) also made big trucks and beautiful tractors. For those who don't know Henschel; They won with their design of the design of Ferdinand Porsche, which ultimately allowed Henschel to build the illustrious heavy Tiger tanks.

    • My father used to have one that we always took on holiday.
      Nice memories of.
      Would like to know how it feels to drive one now that I can drive myself.

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