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Hardenberg is known for the motor show that the Gasschoeve motor club organizes there twice a year. And that fair was for the first time at a different location than the trusted stables last weekend.

More space, more supply, more public

Lots of moped stuff and lots of new tools. Those were the least interesting items in Hardenberg 2.0. But the rest was a recognized national holiday last Saturday. Curiosity about the new location and the fantastic weather had attracted a lot of audiences and that audience was having a good time. The influx of Randstad residents never really got going there in the east of the country. Too far away? Fear of not being understood or eaten? In certain circles in the West, there is still the idea that the distant Eastern people roam across untold peat fields in badly tanned animal skins. That is not true. The rise of hipsters in the Randstad may close the gap. Because we saw enough beards and mustaches in Hardenberg.

The fact that the fair has moved a little closer to the German border has resulted in more German audiences and more German exhibitors. Hardenberg has now become almost international with it. The offer often differs each time in Hardenberg. We once met five Honda CB 450 K1s at a trade show. Recently it seemed as if Suzuki T500s were just very common things. This time there was an endearing number of British twins in a convincing 'as found' condition. Not in 'as found under a haystack', but as 'found in a dry shed after forty years'. A couple of beautiful BSAs with an asking price of 16D euro were clearly of a different class. There were also nice Ducs and some MV 350s. There was everything for older BMWs and fans of Japanese from the eighties could go there very well.

The by-catch

But the most endearing thing about Hardenberg is the fact that exhibitors take stuff with them that you would never expect. Stuff for classic cars. A table full of antique cameras. 'Delft blue' earthenware plates with images of what are now highly traditional tractors. A funny collection of comic books ...

Who has the youth ...

The fact that cafe racers and scramblers are so popular has a nice effect on the range. Younger people are also approaching. Also commercially and on the provider side.


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