Hardenberg at Easter

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Hardenberg at Easter

Hardenberg, the fair organized by motorcycle club 'de Gasschoeve', is an institution in the east of the country. What once started as an endearing club idea is now a smoothly running operation that, despite all the digital media, has strongly retained its regional character.

Hardenberg, the stock exchange of the east

It is clear that the influx to the German public is considerably greater than that to 'Randstad residents'. Hardenberg is somewhere in between Coevorden and the Arctic Circle. The boring ride to it takes a long time and is mostly about 'het Veen'. And then there is the fact that Real Westerners and Genetically Pure Oriental do not understand each other's language in several respects. Visit Hardenberg and you'll see why it's not going to be anything in Europe.

“But I couldn't agree with that man understand! "

We heard that as we passed by. Media Goois is of course also a dialect, but the interfaces were apparently too small to come to business. But with a little less arrogance, you will always be fine in Hardenberg. Even if the selling party is a shaggy bearded private person in sweatpants and clogs who has left his teeth at home out of pure relaxation and pleasantly continues the conversation while eating a hamburger with lots of onions, curry, ketchup and mayonnaise. We did not understand each other optimally, but understood each other well enough. Although seeing the chewing on the hamburger ketchup mass kept me thinking of an accident in a tunnel.

Hardenberg on the 30th March

With three men in a Volvo 240 to go to a motorcycle show. 'Not alone, but going together' is important on such a long and boring journey. But with like-minded people it is only fun. Have fun with wish lists in the cut. It always remains to be seen in Hardenberg. The offer is surprisingly variable. We experienced 'Hardenbergs' where it seemed as if Honda CB450 K1s were just regular trade. Where you could just choose from exhaust systems for Suzuki GT750s. We had a Hardenberg where there were a lot of suppliers of cheap Chinese tools.

This time there was a lot of 50-100 cc moped stuff and there were surprisingly many 'copper' parts, stuff for real veteran bikes. And the 'new' location was apparently already well established. It was busy, busy and pleasant. The exhibitors, who still have real private individuals, always carry so much with you that even when you have the idea that there is a lot of stuff there is always something to suit you. It is very funny that you see things offered in Hardenberg that are offered for sale 'in the west' considerably more expensive. But yes, if you then keep the three + hour travel time and the kilometers as an accountant, then that is a bit more nuanced. And simply picks up the most profit when you get away from it.

Germany is a stone's throw away

As a result, there are also many German suppliers and buyers. And because of that, to limit the kilometer costs after the trade show visit, you can just hop across the border to shop. Because in Germany the prices of spirits are about half the Dutch excise juice.

The topper

I already scored the numbers 1 and 2 from my personal wish list directly at the entrance, there was motorcycle runner Joost Woesthoff. From Brummen. Brummen is a stone's throw from my hometown.


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  1. Hi Jan, Thank you 🙂 It's just how you look at it. Hardenberg is endearing. And the fairs are the only two times a year that I eat a hamburger. And that pokke end drive? we take that for granted.

  2. Beautiful and humorous written report about the fair in Hardenberg! Whether that is because of the typical "fair content", or because the writer was so impressed by the comings and goings of the visitors, we will never know ... So you see; it is the tone that makes the music! And in this case the fair and the article :-)

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