Harley-Davidson Standard Police. A Harley with an extra valve

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That valve? That is on the front crash bar

And whether that is a strange place. Later it came on the wheel. But the story is about a Harley-Davidson Standard Police motorcycle. You are too late if you want it. Albert Venema - who sees classic motorcycles as a funny by-catch - has sold the impressive American to someone aged 78. Because motorcycling keeps you young.

In the corridors it is currently mumbled that Harley is a descending business

The company has lost its USP, its unique selling point. The V-twins have now been made for a long time using many parts (far) made outside of The States and are for most people no longer distinguishable from the heavy V-twins that the Japanese invented. In addition, since the departure of Willie G, the company has become an ordinary factory, where shareholders, marketers and managers are very busy developing engines for a possibly not even existing target group.

An Evolution block is what it is

Our photo model is equipped with a 1340 cc Evolution block. For about a century, the trend at Harley was 'building on what you have'. The Shovelheads who came for the Evo's all broke down in Europe. The speed was increased here. Roads had curves. Shovels got too hot and broke. The first Evo's were just Shovels with an alloy top floor. That saved a sip on a drink. Later Evoblokken were less good due to a rebellious accountant. Of course, as an Evo driver, you shouldn't try to blow Goldwings and fat BMWs to Austria with your mates. That was not going to be him.

Reliable in normal use

But with ordinary, quiet and respectful use, an Evolution block was good for a ton. Don't believe the stories about Evo blocks that ran two or three tons without a hitch. In Harley circles the tendency to upgrade is quite prevalent. These engine blocks are especially prone to injudicious fumbling from self-appointed Harley Gurus.

Affordable Harley riding

In the meantime, the Harley Evolution models prove that that brand is also heavily depreciated. For a manageable amount you can score such a sturdy, friendly bulky / tough V twin. Our advice is to go for a copy that is as standard as possible with at least some maintenance history. Because there have been Evo's with serious problems.


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  1. I personally know several H-D's from older vintages (Evo's and a single Shovel), which have never been 'open' and have clocked well over 100k miles (!) ..
    Unfortunately, I also know them that have to be overhauled with less than 50k kilometers.
    Everything stands and falls with use and maintenance.
    An unfiltered WL "should" also be good for 30k, yet I know a copy that has done more than double without major repairs .. and just runs smoothly.

    I also know some CBR / GSXR / R1-6 with less than 40k on the clock and complete RAL ...
    Well ..

    • And it is painfully discovered that Millenials motorcycling finds something strange, they apparently like other things (knitting, gadgets, whatever).
      And that does not only suffer from HD ..

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