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Hearing protection: a hype or need?

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Spring is about to erupt. We can play outside again! But immediately with the disappearance of this six-month fall we are again confronted with the disadvantages of our passion ...

Motorcycling and / or convertible driving is bad for your hearing. Not to mention driving a Morgan tricycle. "WHAT DO YOU SAY?" I say that. But is it true?

There was once a poet named Jan Hanlo. He became famous for his poem 'Oote oote oote boe. Oote oote boe oote oote boe. " He looked at boys from the standpoint of Catholic clergy and he rode Vincent Rapide. To diminish the roar of the wind around his pothelm, he tucked everything under the earflaps of his rudimentary cap. Up to socks.

Wind noise makes noise and noise damages the cilia in your ears. That makes you deaf. Incidentally, it is nonsense that you - as your father was once told - become deaf by masturbation. You just get spinal cord cancer.

But after more than thirty years of motorcycling, you still become curious about that hearing damage story. Certainly if after a non-stop Milan-Animals trip you have an annoying whistle in your left ear for two days have.

And then you see commercials with Willeke Alberti and Gerard Jolink. They can be fitted with hearing aids.

That seems a step too far to me. But in an environment full of talking people, I have to concentrate a lot on the lips of the speaker. And with men with big mustaches and beards, I can't quite see what they are saying. I know hearing protection from my military service during the shooting range exercises.

I just remember that things kept falling in my mind. But a free hearing test never hurts.

I think there are two providers, Beter and

And their commercials don't work, because I don't know who Jolink was with and who has the tune from 'Do the hearing test'.

To be sure, I give myself two free hearing tests as a gift. These are done by you a series of beeps that you can say whether you hear them or not. "Which beeps?" Gives bonus points.

The results of the tests are pretty much the same.

I have a good hearing for people over 60. That margin of +/- fifteen years does not seem worrying.

But I did buy myself a pair of mufflers. They cost something from 14 euros or so. They fit well under my ROOF helmet. Under my ARAI they hurt. They are useless in my Davida Mike Hailwood replica. However; the overall effect of the stoppies is surprising.

Finally I hear the ticking of my valves above one hundred. It is not possible to switch to tailor-made otoplastics. Those things are expensive and I lose everything that is smaller than a ring spanner 19. But hearing protection is great!


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  1. First, great to read black text on a dark background. I have to select the text first to see it properly. So we are not going to do that ...

    Secondly, the pieces I have read are fun!

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