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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 / TT / 3
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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 / TT / 3Fuel Stabilizer prevents oxidation of gasoline. If you do not use your classic car for a longer period (more than 1 month) and if fuel is left in the tank during this storage period, there is a risk that the gasoline will oxidize. This creates gum and paint deposits (contamination) in the tank and in various very important parts in the carburetor. This results in difficult starting and irregular running of the engine. Fuel Stabilizer prevents these problems. Modern fuel stabilizers also ensure that the 'water' that the alcohol-mixed gasolines of today remains in solution, so that no 'puddle of water' enters the fuel tank. Because a block starts badly on water. And water gives rust on the inside of the tank.

Before storing your engine, add the entire content of this vial to 50 liters of fuel. Drive a round or shake the vehicle back and forth so that the Fuel Stabilizer mixes well with the fuel and let the engine run for a few minutes. Your motorcycle is ready for its winter storage.

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