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Historical EEXT GP
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The Historical Motor GP Eext celebrates its third lustrum on Sunday 24 August, 15 year of historic motorcycles through the center of the Drenthe village of Eext. That is a reason for the organization to turn out big. The theme "Honda Legends" will be widely supported and MotoGP legend Freddie Spencer makes his appearance.

"Honda Legends"
Every year the historic Motor GP Eext has a different theme, and for this anniversary edition the choice fell on 'Honda Legends'. The engines of the Japanese brand will play a special role throughout the day and the choice of drivers for this year is again geared to the theme.

As a major crowd puller, triple world champion Freddie Spencer will make his appearance.
The career of 'Fast Freddie' is inextricably linked to Honda. In 1983, for example, as the youngest driver to date, he won the first world title for himself and for Honda in the 500cc class. In 1985 he takes the title in both the 250cc and 500cc class on Honda, making him the last double world champion.

In line with the theme, Jim Redman will also make an appearance in Eext.
The six-time world champion will make the trip to attend the Motor GP for the third time. Redman took all his titles in the 250cc and 350cc class on Honda, making him the most successful Honda driver ever and one of the brand's greatest ambassadors in the early years of motorsport. A function that he still performs today. 40 years ago, Redman won 3 GPs in one day at the TT in Assen.

The third main guest who will play in Eext is Neerlands own Jurgen van den Goorbergh. Although in his active MotoGP career he rode on multiple brands, he achieved his greatest successes on Honda. In the year 2000 he comes in third place in the Grand Prix of Estoril on the Honda TSR V2 of the Molenaar team.
Honda not only stands for the Grand Prix, but also for Endurance Racing. That branch of the Honda Racing Corporation will be represented in Eext by Scottish driver Alex George. The triple winner of the Isle of Man TT and the winner of the 24 hour at Le Mans will take part on a machine from the Belgian Honda

Legends Endurance team.
In addition to a special range of drivers, the engines will of course also not be missing. The list includes a replica of the Honda RC181 with which Mike Hailwood rode the Man TT, and a 166 Honda RC1966 six-cylinder. Alex George will be reunited in Eext with a Honda RCB1000 with which he won several Endurance races.

Peripheral program
In addition to the action on the track, the GP Eext also offers an attractive side program every year. For example, the now traditional Meet & Greet with the toppers of the GP is on the program on Saturday evening. A free event that will be held in the Expo tent, which has a spacious exhibition showcasing Honda motorcycles, historical photographs and memorabilia.

Also the visitors who like to come to the GP Eext by motorbike are considered. The organization will take care of a special motorcycle parking space and a helmet and clothing wardrobe. This way everyone can enjoy a day full of historic motorsport for just € 3.

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