The 24th Exotic encounter

On September 10 it will be 24th Exotics meeting organized. This year the annual event starts again from the center of the country.

Every year it attracts motorcyclists with their special motorcycles from Germany, England, Belgium and of course the Netherlands.

And that there are usually no hundreds? That only makes it more fun.

The first program point at the 4th Exotics meeting is the static show at the reception, which offers a lot of attention for enthusiasts. Then the unsurpassed tour with special motorcycles through an appealing environment. After the stopover and lunch, the motorcyclists continue the tour to arrive at the barbecue location around five o'clock for the annual and convivial barbecue.

Do you have an exotic, a special motorcycle and / or do you just fancy an unforgettable event among the exotics, classics and special motorcycles? Then come to Zeist! You don't have to register, but let the organization know if you are coming


Participation costs tour:
€ 6 per person or
€ 18,50 per person including unique EXOTENTREFFEN-Polo!
(single sale Polo € 15, -)

€ 15 per person
€ 1 per drink (beer / wine / soda / coffee / tea)

BBQ location: Dolderseweg 3, 3712 BL Huis ter Heide (Ut)

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