Holden, found fading away


Holden is a car brand that is not common in Europe. It is an Australian General Motors product. Australia is a nation with its own identity and - until recently - its own car industry. Although it may not ring any bells for you, it is a historic car brand.

By: Dirk de Jong

According to Lex D. de Jong, who sent us the photo from Bullara, Holden was unable to build cars himself and the curtain fell in October 2017. The average car enthusiast has hardly any eye for the Holdens, produced in their own country. They are ordinary consumer articles, sometimes abolished after working life and then simply put away in nature and forgotten. 

There is no fund for endangered end-of-life vehicles. However, the design of the 50s and 60s can still clearly be seen here. Nevertheless, the Holden brand remains on the market. GM models are now being introduced and fitted with a Holden nameplate. 

Lex read Auto Motor Klassiek

Lex regularly read it in his hometown of Perth Auto Motor Klassiek magazine - which he received from the Netherlands - where he found many car remnants in the section 'Klassiekerpost'. He thought it would be nice to also contribute with this photo from the west of Australia. This as proof that despite the summer temperatures, the rust devil can also strike here. 

More verkeerd afgelopen:

The tranquility (rust) and sadness that emanates from this place is a bit sad for us as classic lovers. A photographer will find it artistic and be able to make beautiful pictures of it. This Holden in decline is a type of car that has been used by thousands of people and is now a scraper from society. He may have been at the service of his owners but did not have a good old age and was left in the Australian 'outback'. The Holden is no longer saved from death. Lex has made a nice contribution with this rusty relic, the waiting is now for the destructive power of Australian nature. 

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