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There classics purchasing (copy)

It's that time again: A massive revival of motorcycling (including the love of classics) is reported. And now De Jeugd would also hook up. We don't see it going that fast, also because we've heard the story so many times.

Small is practical (and fun)

But now that the driving speed on the right-hand lanes of motorways is below 100 km / h, there is a flare-up within the sector of well-organized cult bikes. That could be modern retro's. These can be classics for people with a somewhat broader mindset. Think between 50 hp and 50 cc.

There is quite a bit of commotion in that lightest corner

And especially in the corner of Zündapps and Hondaatjes there are many free spirits. Zundapp drivers are often a bit older, nostalgic, but exuberantly flex. They make ample use of their brand's in-house construction set principles and add the bravest color schemes to it. In Hondaland there are quite a few young people who happily accept or have gone to the blessings from China: These are the kidz who put bami blocks under their Honda mopeds or motorcycles, or who offer their Hondaatje with heart enlargement very honestly to the RDW. to let such a brave little four-stroke live on as a motorcycle.

Lots of manufacturers

There are quite a few manufacturers in China who make 'Honda' blocks between 50-160 cc. These can be the really classic pushrod blocks or the later OHC models. Quite a few blocks up to 120 cc are based on the old 50 cc lower cranks with corresponding crankshaft dimensions. That can get exciting.

Also supplies to BMW ...

At brands such as Ux, Dirtmax, Lifan, Loncin, Zongshen, Shineray, Daytona, Lifan and Loncin, there are now companies that also produce for A brands such as BMW, Vespa and Piaggio. So qualitatively little need to speak against Chinese. Many of the Chinese blocks are good, but a bit more roughly finished than the originals from Honda. They shift a bit stiffer, turn a few revs less… Quite a few ugly, chrome covers are also used. China currently has about 200 motorcycle brands. Many of them buy their engine blocks with their own name on it from one of the large engine block makers. The parts are identical, often with the original Honda parts. There are also quite a few imitation Yamaha blocks for sale.

Everything fits or can be made to fit

There are a lot of 'Frankenstein' constructions possible, but you have to take into account that all that energy ends up at a bottom end that was originally calculated at 50cc. But yes: If it breaks? Then you just buy a new block.

It is much cheaper and more reliable than just buying a 150cc Lifan or YX. They also have more usable baking ratios. The Daytona-style models also have an external oil filter and better clutch. The disadvantage is that you still have a huge piston / cylinder combination with a relatively long stroke. But with a somewhat freely breathing pipe, blocks sound very nice.

And with a Bami block that you can buy from about € 200 (but a bit more expensive is usually better), you can let your classic Hondaatje do what it was made for again: Taking care of the daily transport for little money. That is great for nostalgics who want to cherish their original block and for M / F students. And for freelance journalists, of course.


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The original


Fast enough for secondary roads
Bami cube
Bami block with starter
From 50 to 140 cc. And with a large gas factory
For example, 350 km is a whole day of work
Who travels far away ...
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  1. Especially where Bas, the Chinese really discriminate against everyone, and they bark everyone. And we will not get away with it, and if it continues like this, they will… .. but as long as we Westerners buy alibaba, and are so super hypocritical, it will not work out!

  2. How wonderful to be able to read something in Dutch again which is worthwhile and written in a way that appeals to me. Wonderful that it is still (just) possible.

    The Western world is about to melt, riots in the Netherlands where many young boys in bomber jackets
    I can and that is possible and it happens. Even in my hometown, Hilversum, there were riots.
    And then Dolf is rapped on the fingers for writing Bami block? Grow up!
    I worked for a quarter of a century in the Richmond Auto-Mall where Chinese colleagues call Koreans “Lobsters”. When an Antonov leaves YVR you hear the ATC say “The Vodka Burner is moving”
    That may no longer be allowed.
    Happy New Year everyone

    • Especially where Bas, the Chinese really discriminate against everyone, and they bark everyone. And we will not get away with it, and if it continues like this, they will… .. but as long as we Westerners buy alibaba, and are so super hypocritical, it will not work out!

    • Bas, These are the times of The New Correct. At least for people who feel comfortable with it. And there is always something to upset you about. At the time of MH 17, I was once almost flown by a messy blonde who completely freaked out on the faded hammer & sickle on the nose of my ex Soviet sidecar. He had been there for about fifty years…. Yet. In the meantime, we do drive Japanese, Korean and German cars. And bami cubes are simply called bami cubes. The term comes - I think - from the Utrecht where traditionally - in the time when you still lived in the Netherlands - a lot of youth drove / drive on Hondaatjes. And from that Honda world the clone blocks were discovered. 23 hp from 123 cc has already been measured. But then it was no longer a cheap bami block, rather a complete rice dish

  3. Honda C 310 S (beautiful black) had it in the 70s, quite fast but when driving firmly baf crankshaft faulty !!! But I enjoyed it a lot, I was too intense at the time haha ​​...

  4. Typically that someone talks about Bami cubes, and 60% in articles about French junk that he calls cars! It used to be all buckets, and just as good as old Chinese stuff!
    Stop discriminating against motorcycles and brands and talk about motorized vehicles as equals! Objectivity is a bit hard to find! Enthusiasts are there for all brands!
    And if the Chinese get their hands on it, they may be a little less wait-and-see than Europeans!

  5. A few years ago a C70 (moto. Kent) equipped with a YX 110 semi. All on the advice of Coos Matser Zwolle
    Ran perfectly and nice 80-90 on the right lane
    Entire story is on the four-stroke forum.
    Building it up was actually the most fun
    In the meantime everything has been sold again, let's regret ...

  6. My CdrietienES still works with its oil pump-less pushrod block that has been hanging under the frame for 50 years.
    THE original, nice chopper with 45-50 ..
    That's great, man.

    Zündapp now also comes from family countries, the Chinese will have everything that drives in their hands within 10 years ... pay attention

      • Watch out Dolf with what you say, otherwise you will just be called a racist, and you get 1/2 NL, (left cock - right - fill), over you. And we are a 2nd China! Just look at Leeuw; he's just telling the truth… .. he has adopted 2 negro children himself! So nasi goreng cubes, not gole cubes… ..

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