The Honda CB750 'Seven Fifty' DOHC

Honda CB750
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The successor of the 'naked' Honda CB750 OHCs. It had the ungrateful task of following the Motor of (again the last) Century. And in the meantime, he is already classic in many aspects. But no matter how much better he is than the OHC models, he will never become the engine of any age.

The Honda CB750 Seven Fifty, evolution exists

The Honda CB750 OHC FII was a brutally bulky powerhouse. Its successor, the CBX750 also had its dark side. From 1992, the CB750 Seven Fifty was much more refined. He was so huge Honda that he sat you like a pair of well-worn sneakers from the first meeting. The handling of this Honda is still at a very high level. The driving fun too. The block already delivered nice power from 2.000 rpm and then goes in one stroke to 9500 rpm. In practice, you quickly put the four-cylinder in its highest gear and then let it do its job almost all day.

Blowing away, not blowing away

Of course the summit of about the 200 madness on a naked bike is, but the slightly active sitting position means that long, fast journeys on the highway are not torture. But a 'naked bike' of course does not belong on highways, but must dance and trot along the most beautiful secondary roads. There, the CB feels completely happy with its stable cradle frame rigidly mounted in the engine block for optimum rigidity. The suspension is clearly comfort-oriented. The bicycle part (front fork, rear fork) feels nice and tight. The suspension and damping are smooth without compromising on steering behavior. The Honda sends nicely in and is good course stable.

Also for shorter motorcyclists M / V

Due to the relatively low sitting position, the maneuverability is extra pleasantly lively. It also helps that the front fork is not chopper-like and that the follow-up is small. Nicely included: turning on narrow roads is also nice. And that is always handy if the TomTom or Garmin is wrong.

Not even very dated

Even according to modern standards, the brakes are still quite okay, but take a look at the condition of the brake hoses at the newly purchased CB. Brake hoses are replacement parts. That is something that many people forget, just like changing the brake fluid and oil in the fork legs on time.

Replacing the tank capacity, on the other hand, is something that nobody escapes. With normal use, the content of the twenty liter tank guarantees an uninterrupted travel time of 250-300 km, that is such an 1 on 15 or thereabouts. At the time, Honda supplied an official trunk set and crash bars for this 750 cc four-cylinder with its double overhead camshafts and its stylishly classic looks.

Now (still) a bargain!

In 1992 the Honda Sevenfifty was competitively priced. It cost 13.995 guilders. For many people, these motorcycles are still in the corner of the 'cheap, old motorcycles' in their minds. And that also includes very nicely preserved copies. And they are usually, at km levels below 50D km at asking prices around € 2.000. And that 74 horsepower at 8.500 rpm is really enough.

The CB 750 Sevenfifty was a nice mid-sized car
As a fixer? Knackwork
Well ... That often happens with cheap classics



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