The Honda FX 650 Vigor, An unloved youngtimer (1996-2001)

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Purchase an unloved young timer. That's nice. You can get through the winter with a dated toy like this. It costs you almost nothing and you get talking to people again. This is how it could go:

"What do you actually have there?" "A Vigor." "Yes, that's because you drink too much. You have sweat on your forehead man! You should think about your liver! "" No, no tremor, a Vigor. And that sweat comes from that warm winter, I sweat out my Husky. "" A Husky? A polar dog? What the hell are you doing in a polar dog? "" Loser! My Husky is my thermal winter overall and that Vigor is just a Honda offroad thing with a Dominator block. "" It's getting crazier. Dominator blocks belong to Nortons. Those were 500 and 600 cc twin cylinders. And in that suit you look like a Bifi, not a Husky! "" Man! You are a fossil. Nortons are out of the year jar! Nowadays Norton only does software! And can I do anything about it that you don't know what I'm talking about? ”

The Vigors, unloved youngtimers

Good. From 1990 onwards, the Honda Vigors were simply the generation of allroads after the Yamaha XT500 and the Honda XL 500. Just before that time, the name was also used for a compact sedan from Honda. But this Vigor has two wheels again. As it should be, It is a basic motorcycle, and then one of the kind that has its roots directly in the off-road corner. Things are as narrow as an envelope on its side, you sit with your knees almost against the front flashing lights and the block is therefore an 650 cc single-cylinder with four radially placed valves. And that is what he wants from his place. The thing also weighs twice nothing. In the Netherlands, there were only a few dealers who saw a load of bread. But from Arie Molenaar Motoren in IJsselstein in Utrecht they have uninterrupted involvement in the motorcycle world from 1927. They made a different estimate there. One that made them pull a handkerchief over at Honda Nederland. Arie Molenaar bought about forty Vigors (Vigorren? Vigri?) In all colors and things went out the door like hot cakes.

Good intentions

After the expiry of the regular warranty period and under the caring or non-loving care of the second, third and fiftieth owner, they all disappeared from view. And then one of those lost children just came back to the nest. The owner wanted to trade it in. Trade in? The Maja-de-bij yellow single-cylinder was lovingly adopted as a Japanese orphan. During a visit to the village beneath the radio tower, the Vigor stood unwashed and unpainted in the workshop. With a quickly written 'trade-in' sticker on the headlight. He stole my heart. Such an engine with just as much charisma as Kawasaki's exuberantly forgotten Tengai. Or Tenga. Or Tanga. Just as insignificant. But just as fun. On such a motorcycle everyone sees that you are a motorcyclist. That you have not been taken in by the crazy modern design of today. On a large, new motorcycle, they only see that you have been found creditworthy for a hefty loan. Check out the dustiest corners at your local dealer.
Maybe you will find the nicest bike there is.
For just 1000 + a few more euros.
2018 Gets all right!
And such a Vigor will soon be a classic.



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