Honda Gold Wing. A very smooth…

Honda Gold Wing. A very smooth…
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Karel rolled up his sleeves firmly and that led to an unexpected result: a highly sporty Honda Goldwing. The Arnhem poster phenomenon Loesje would ask: "Is that allowed?" We think so. Especially because the first Goldwings were presented as really dynamic naked bikes avant la lettre. The first generation was intended to market the concept. And in a touring market whose top in 1976 consisted of a BMW 100/7 with an Avon fairing and Krauser suitcases, the commotion could not be made. The Honda Goldwing had to score on power, speeds and reliability. The evolution to the ultimate touring mastodon would come afterwards. Karel's approach was to wake up the sports genes from the GoldWing concept. The story started with the purchase of the base of the project.

And then it helped enormously that Karel mastered metalworking techniques

For example, the top triple clamp of the Honda Goldwing is made entirely by ourselves. Just like the brake/shifter set. But the pinnacle of classical thinking is, of course, in the beautiful drum brake. This also required a dose of metal modeling to match the front fork. And those are just the things that immediately catch your eye.

In this type of building and construction work it is of course the skills and taste of the builder that determine the result. And here the job was carried out with craftsmanship and a certain modesty.

Is that allowed?

The argument that it is a mortal sin to renovate a classic does not count for us. At least as long as the very last original example of such an engine is not brought to the slaughter like a lamb. But in breadth, there are so many copies across the brands and types that are simply not 'worth' to restore. Then it is a good option to give them a second life after a makeover.

But there are limits…

We do, however, put our comments on all fantasy bobbers, ratbikes, bratstyle, Zerostyle, trackers and other idiosyncrasies. From our little world we have seen many of those creations that were really dangerous from a construction point of view. While the wiring with terminal blocks were tinkered together. Those life-threatening things were usually spent on trendy Randstad residents who were endowed with an overdose of lifestyle genes without any technical awareness.

For example, we saw magic where, with total disregard for which headset geometry, thick upside down front forks were mounted in bicycle parts that really didn't steer better. A full beard, a checked flannel shirt and well-colored tattoos are no guarantee for making a good handling and braking motorcycle. But hey: what about stupid things we did when we had just finished puppyhood.

Perhaps out of all that trendy novelty, a few people will discover motorcycling for what it is: the most important side effect in life.

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  1. I think Karel has built a top bike. The GW is not characterized by sportiness and that is certainly in it. Not in the taste and color scheme as I would like it to be, but the most important thing is that someone had a lot of fun with this .. this brings me to the tone of the article that I was particularly bothered by;
    Apparently Mr. Peeters has an opinion about men with facial hair, checked blouses and tattoos and conveys this in a rather disparaging way. Apparently Mr. lives in the province and therefore finds something of suburbanites who are sometimes apparently a bit more progressive than him.
    It's live and let live Mr Peeters, and maybe you can let future articles be a slightly less dominant part of your opinion.

    • Dolf keep writing like you always did. Your stories are wonderful, but perhaps not for people with long toes from the outskirts.

    • Yes Yes. Live and let live, but of course you have to do what mister Jeroen says….
      Take a shit and just keep going, Dolf!

    • Oh, no,. I cherish my addictions and my more than subjective opinions. But I take myself less seriously than you do. The fact remains that we have come across a lot of 'modifications' from the fashionable corner that ranged from tinkering to downright dangerous.

  2. I had a GW in 1977, bought at motor house Safe G'dam with full racing fairing in motorcycle color
    (GL paints) with 2 Volkswagen beetle headlights, slanting megaphone exhausts, sporty black/white saddle etc.
    It was really quite unique back then and quite an eye-catcher. Well, where does the time go….


  3. In one way or another, the drum brake at the front does not match the phenomenon of a heavy water-cooled 1-cylinder, and certainly not in combination with a disc brake at the rear. The builder has tried to forcibly unite a number of isolated concepts into 4 motorcycle, in a way that they clash with each other. And then there are those clip-ons and that weird saddle. I can't make chocolate out of it unfortunately.

  4. After reading all the dumbfounded comments I agree with this, nice try Karel, you have been off the street for a while as a machine bank worker, I as a colleague had made a nicer solution for the suspension of that front fender, but yes I assume you enjoyed it

  5. Also the jiffy on the right? Anyway, an engine that you at least take a second look at. Is this thing also rented out for weddings?

  6. I just can't get used to the (now illegal) side mounting of the license plate…
    While, if the thing were mounted on the longitudinal axis here too... the GW would have a much better smoldering ass...
    Little kid, otherwise 'nice job!' ..nice also that TLS drum in the front

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