The Honda PC 800 Pacific Coast, Honda's double-bike

Honda Pacific Coast

That was a remarkable appearance in 1989: the Honda Pacific Coast PC 800. The machine was actually designed by the American Honda Research America to get American office commuters to work on time. But the moment this oddly styled two-wheeler was introduced fell just a few months before the American motorcycle market collapsed. At that time, many tens of thousands of motorcycles remained in various halls. And those rejected of the earth embarked on an unprecedented container roaming around the world. In the end, those driver-friendly PC 800s finally came to the Netherlands, albeit outside the regular importer. Gray import so.

Named after a Highway

The Hondas owe their name to the Pacific Coast Highway in California. With a production stop of three years between the two series, a total of 14.000 has been sold worldwide. The Honda Pacific Coast was a 'hate it, or love it' motorcycle. His styling with his integrated suitcase and his exuberant amount of sheet metal was just a bridge too far for many motorcyclists. All that scooter-like sheet metal did not make maintenance on the Pacific Coast any easier.

While the Honda Pacific Coast PC 800 was conceived for a very clearly defined target group, it turned out that it could also be used for large European tourism purposes. The 800 cc two-cylinder power source quietly delivered decent performance. With a top speed of such an 170-175 km / h, a Honda Pacific Coast rider was not really the fastest motorcyclist on the European asphalt. But he didn't have to be ashamed of the performance of his transport.


Even brave trotting on German 'Autobahne' did the Honda brave and tenacious. And the V twin was also a careful drinker. And that was handy because the tank capacity was not too large. Due to its low center of gravity, such a PC was not only easy to handle in an urban American environment, but also in the Vosges or Alps. Also little could be said about the handling. The Honda is not even afraid of pretty sporty cornering. The Honda Pacific Coast is a friendly carrier for its driver and passenger. The seating position is good and the seat is comfortable. And even with two people plus luggage on board, the brakes are not disappointing.

Most models running in the Netherlands come from 1989

They have a low windshield, which does not offer much protection against the rain and causes a lot of turbulence and noise. Higher windows are still available through the supply companies. The trunk space is sufficient for a hotel holiday with two people, especially if a tank bag is still being used. A disadvantage is that the standard tank bags cannot be mounted on the PC tank. Krauser provided a solution in the form of a tank bag with hooks. But whether these tank bags are still available everywhere?

It is a Honda

Technically, the Honda is as reliable as a Honda can be. And partly due to its cardan drive, it requires - as planned by the factory - little maintenance. For a nice example, think of amounts around the two mille. And then demands may be made.

Wrapped around in plastic

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