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We still have nice contacts with quite a few people we have met over the years for stories in AMK. And sometimes you get the nicest feedback. For example about the Honda Spacy 125 moped. An 100% dated piece of Honda with such a huge 'eighties' appearance that you will be disappointed.

René van de Ven talks about his Spacy

“In the AMK there has been an extensive piece about this scooter once, but I thought 'I'll just try again'.

I was looking for a motor scooter for fun and regular use from before 1988, due to the load and stuff.

It should all not cost too much. And that rude elephant that I now ride with (BMW R80RT) is way too big and heavy for the city. That's just not handy, it had to be cheap, small and economical. A motor scooter. A vending machine.

Well ... I can tell you, the rinse is then very thin !! Almost nothing is left. What did you get with motor scooters in the 80 years ?? There aren't that many of them.

Just by heart ... the Vespa PX 125 and 200, and the Honda Spacy are the best known.

Yes, if you go further back, you have more ... Heinkel, Zündapp Bella, Lambretta, but I didn't look for them. They are not practical enough and are very expensive.

I was searching and worrying. Until my eye fell on the Honda Spacy 125, small, economical, reliable and cheap. And endearingly surprising to see.

At the moment you are still buying them for a while, prices from € 250 to € 500, more if they are tidy.

I went to watch and drive and was immediately sold.

They are at the very bottom of the price list ladder, but there is no motorcycle that offers so much fun and options for that price.

A folding headlight, an extensive digital dashboard with voltmeter / temp / petrol and digital speedometer, parking brake, foot heater and a water-cooled engine.

And it is a real CVT machine. What most engine manufacturers only came years later !!

Honda already had this in 1984 (if it is not earlier?), And the time was really ahead !!

Although the 10 inch wheels are really outdated, that is actually no longer possible, but otherwise a top scooter. Including the Vespa-like brake pedal that you really have to get used to.

The top speed is on the counter at 93 km / hour, so around the 90 will be real kilometers. Just enough to be able to follow the traffic on the provincial road.

You can take it on the highway, no matter what I did, but put on your rosary and pray about 10 Hail Marys, because you will need it. Those former Eastern bloc drivers come up to a few centimeters behind you with their 40-tonne trucks… gulp. So never again.

Honda Spacy



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  1. This is still fun stuff….

    I also still thought / think the Helix is ​​a very cool thing ... The prices remain nice but I wonder how long it will stay that way ...

    The 'successor', the Honda Dylan is also still very affordable and drives fun! (Although the feeling that you are riding a moped remains present)

  2. I am very happy with the spacy, up to 70 km / h it is still quite fast, then it flattens out a bit. But you don't have to be in a hurry for such a thing. Consumption is not wrong with 1 in 35? The retractable headlight is fantastic, making you the "man". haha. Fun Fact, the spacy became world famous because Linda Hamilton rode it in the movie: Terminator 1 (1984). In a little while the spacy will also be 40 years old.

  3. Delicious such a Spacy.
    No more space needed than a moped for parking on every sidewalk. Economical, and you move through traffic like an eel through a bucket of oil. It couldn't be nicer. Yet?
    Dated or not. The practical use is great and that's what it's all about.

  4. Was of course the time of Spacecake. Maybe it works better than a dozen orphan greetings🤔 By the way, you also always have suicidal German youngsters who slowly come to search for the barns / campsites via the highway on motorbikes.

  5. I have nothing at all with scooters, but that's my lack ...
    As an almost tough teenager on my Honda 4-stroke moped, I didn't understand the Vision either.
    Everyone's thing apparently ..

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