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In 1968 Honda reinvented motorcycling. Motorcycling became a lifestyle and fun, and no longer a sign of weakness for carless people. The CB 750 became the engine of the (previous) century. The other Japanese motorcycle makers all went crazy making four-in-line engines as well. The 'UJM', the universal Japanese Motorcycle, was born. Very well. But boring!

The V4

But one type of power source that Honda had invented about thirty years ago remained unique to the brand: the four-stroke V4. Honda chose the attack as its best defense and the naked VF 750 S as the first new generation Honda with a 90° angle between the cylinders. Then came the FVR 750 F and VFR 750 R (RC 30), which also turned out to have an annoying design flaw on the RC30. When braking hard, the petrol in a half-full tank sloshed forwards, so that the carburettors could no longer slurp petrol. Something that the Ducatis with their fuel injection on the tracks did not suffer from.

At Honda they were already working on the successors: the RC45, VF 500 F, the immediately museum NR 750 with its oval pistons, the RVF 400 and 750 (RC 750), the RC212V. Of course there were also the Pan Europeans with their longitudinal 1100 and 1300 cc engines. But it was the VFR 750 F that stood at the cradle of global success in 1986.

And in the meantime, there are plenty of people over 25 who have easily got one and a half tons on it

The ancestor of all sports touring motorcycles was presented in 1986 as a 'touring sports motorcycle'. Because the bike that could run so bravely turned out to be a great touring bike from day one. Even with a thick tank bag and a passenger on board. The seating position of the VFR is good for it: comfortably active. And well protected from the wind.

But it's about that engine that unique V4

A masterpiece of precision mechanics. A four-cylinder, but still nice and narrow. At no load, the 100 hp strong V4 quietly grumbles. In the background, the camshaft drive gears sing their song. As the revs rise, the sound from the four-into-two exhaust turns into a grunting blast, the characteristically addictive sound of a V4. A sound that became even more beautiful when a replacement muffler was fitted. And everyone did! Added to this is the unique running culture of the block. Civilized, but certainly not soft. You always feel him, but never disturbingly walking. The 750 picks up effortlessly from 2000 rpm in its six. In every gear, it races through its revs, cheering, only to kick it up a notch at 6000-7000 rpm. The V4 then runs without whining or complaining to 11.000 rpm.

Giving gas on the VFR just makes you very happy

With its 16-inch front wheel, the VFR steers lightly, but a little differently than you are used to. It is not without reason that all VFRs from 1988 onwards received a one inch larger front wheel. After that, the bike was a blast to trot down fast side roads and run over mountain passes. In a recent test in a foreign magazine, the old VFR outperformed a few highly modern high-tech horsepower warehouses on Alpine routes. Because those fantastic, but megalomaniac machines have already been compared to someone who is so heavily endowed that elephants ask him whether 'he should eat his peanuts with them?' That's great if you want to see elephants as close relatives, but what else can you do with them?

In motor land these days it's about the extremes

Youngtimers are often the machines where possibilities and reality are still in balance. And balance is a virtue when traveling on two wheels. And if you look again that a perfect youngtimer can cost much less than just financing a 6 model for 2021 months? Well, then you do know, don't you?

The Honda of Jos van Lent from Gorinchem is a real bargain:

Honda VFR 750 F RC24 Run or scrap. Previous owner crashed with it on a roundabout. Covers are broken, front wheel stroke, and front legs are also not straight. Don't have time for it anymore and have to go. Must go today. It therefore only costs 50 euros.


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  1. I'm doubting: is this the same block that was in the old magna's and saber's ????
    I used to be a motorcycle mechanic for a long time and can't remember ever hearing one run properly.

    • No Rob; the VF and VFR series have different blocks.
      Where VFjes sometimes broke down due to dry running and gnawing camshafts, the VFR is an indestructible successor

      • Ah… that's right! Now I remember.
        The camshafts of the rear cylinders were also often a problem.
        Excuse me that I am becoming a bit demented, but there were also so many different bicycles deposited on the market, including the USA models in that same period… all with just a different name/type designation.

  2. 'With hard braking, half full tank temporarily no more petrol….'? Dolf, that's modern! An injection engine also does not inject when braking on the engine, release the throttle. Honda was ahead of its time. But I seem to remember that electric diaphragm pumps were used as a modification, just like the first SC28s (Fireblade MK1)

    • Have an 1200 xvz86 Venture since Feb. Appears to be the same engine as the VMax1200. Is that a V4? Only with about 40 pekaatjes less. Is that a nice engine block? The suspension is also correct. The Tupperware is cracking on all sides, which is a shame. Is of really lower quality than my Goldwing 1100.

  3. Yes fine, see if there is a ty with straight legs in Brummen.
    Great story again, such type of Honda as choice of words, inimitable.
    Regards Johannes

  4. Pick up that thing; Vifjes are indestructible and you can probably make something fun out of this.
    Invest a few knacks and you have one hell of a bike or declare it dead so that it can partly live on in other machines.
    Few are better than the VFR, despite my fondness for older stuff..

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