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In the National Classic Research 2017 we look at the classic love of manufacturers and importers. Today: Porsche.

You can only be successful as a brand if you know where you come from and are proud of what you do. In the case of Porsche, that certainly applies: the brand once started building sports cars with a boxer engine in the rear and continues to this day. Of course there are models like the Macan and the Panamera, but the Porsche is still the 911, the original model of which was introduced in 1963. This is also evident when you look at the brand's youngtimers and classics. Of the 17.342 Porsches on Dutch license plates from before 1 January 2002, there are such an 10.000 of the 911 type.
It is not very precise, the administration of the RDW is not accurate enough for that. In addition to the 911 you will also find names such as 930, 964, 993, 'Porsche 911' or simply 'Porsche Turbo' in the license plate register.

Important place

Whatever the case, it is clear that youngtimers and classics take an important place at Porsche. That is not a big miracle, because almost half of the Porsches in the Netherlands are 15 years or older; 17.342 from the 35.984, to be precise. 8.232 is older than 30 years.

Curious which models will then continue to drive? Here we have a few numbers.

Type Amount
Total 35.984
First authorization before 01-01-2002 17.342
First authorization before 01-01-1987 8.232
Porsche 356 600
Porsche 911 (before 01-01-2002) 9.958
Porsche 912 342
Porsche 924 1.296
Porsche 928 948
Porsche 944 / 968 2.133
Porsche 986 / Boxster (before 01-01-2002) 1.760


"9 for the service"

Porsche was the glorious winner in our classic research. How is that possible? Especially because the brand not only does everything well on paper, but owners are also very satisfied with it. Ton Pelt, for example: 'I have an 928 S machine from 1984 and I am a member of the 928 Club Netherlands, which I benefit greatly from. The maintenance of the car is carried out by Porsche Center Amsterdam, I would give an 9 for the service. It is sometimes just a matter of searching for parts, although there are many suppliers where parts can be supplied; I give an 8 for that. However, the manufacturer does a lot to keep the cars on the road. All information can be downloaded from the internet, including a parts catalog and workshop manuals. '


Finally: in our research we have included all cars on Dutch license plates and not just those with a valid MOT. With classics there are countless cars that do not have MOT but are in restoration, for example. The owners of those cars can tell a lot about the parts supply. But isn't it incomprehensible that one of the two 959s on Dutch license plates has not had an APK for a year and a half?

You can read more about the National Classic Research 2016 in Auto Motor Klassiek 2 from 2017 (on 20 January with subscribers, from 24 January in the store).


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Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

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