If a real one cannot be found ... A Panhead Replica

V Twin Harley Replica

There are more AC Cobras than ever made. But there are not enough Harley Panheads. V Twin manufacturing from the US of A has responded to that lack. That company provides an 100% replica of an 1948 'Pan' as a kit.

The result on the photos is impressive, but we now know that the company, like many American 'manufacturers', has a rather questionable quality control.

In addition, V-Twin mfg simply buys individual parts and collects them until a new Pan can be placed in parts on a few pallets. That the buyer later notices that not everything fits ...

Building a replica can also be done here in-house. Also in NL there are suppliers of replica frames and there are HD specialists who can supply well-assembled replica engine blocks and other technical parts.

And whether building such a replica is done?
If you go for building pleasure and driving on a purely 'classic' imitation Harley, then you do.

If you think your Harley clone is an investment that will raise a lot of money: don't.

And if you buy a complete Pan: check if it is not a replica.




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