Classics… “If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.”

There are three reactions to unexpected things: flee, fight or freeze. Freezing seems to be a pleasant reaction with spring coming. Refugees buy two hundred rolls of toilet paper and do not realize that it is of little use to you if you do not have food at home. That entire toilet paper story has apparently gone global after rumors circulated that there could be a shortage of toilet paper in Australia. So much for the common sense of humanity as a species. While Jean-Louis Pisuisse, more than a century ago, the song "man, dare to live!" wrote.

But what happens on financial exchanges and shares is not inspiring

And you don't get interest on your money either. For the time being, this has at least the side effect of growing interest in classic cars (and motorcycles). This of course also has its outliers. Because there was someone who recently bought 26 dwarf cars at once. Maybe as small change? The seller is still in shock.

Left or right: At the 'bottom' of the market, the range of just nice and good classics and young timers has never been greater. And we're not talking about Bugatti Royales or Ferrari GTOs. But a Rolls-Royce that your mother-in-law would be proud of? You now really have it for thirteen grand. These are amounts where dreams can come true. The purchase alone would be worth buying with the Rolls toilet paper from the local ALDI. In any case, the rush at the ALDI is highly appreciated by the ALDI staff. The ALDI is apparently a good employer. The always friendly employees receive sales bonuses.

The expensive classics?

They come to investors. Not with enthusiasts. But this way the exotics are kept for posterity. We will soon be able to see them when the Corona beasts have walked away and admire them at festivities such as Het Loo, at Museum Louwman and of course in Auto Motor Klassiek.

But that the adoption of a classic is more than just signing an impressive check, is proven by some pending lawsuits over purchases of 'unique' cars and motorcycles that turned out not to be real, but replica or just fake. Think Shelby Mustang, AC Cobras and Laverda SFCs. In stories like that, the lawyers are the only winners. But if they just buy classics with their money, then that segment is also simply covered.

The current market

That is a strange market. Top pieces go for unlikely amounts. Nice classics are arguably priced. But the segment that has been dormant for years in the shade is also experiencing a growing interest: the classics 'with work'. This cheerful, but as yet cautious trend has been set in motion by a growing number of retirees who are still dreaming of boys' dreams. aroundmake. With the wide range of garage tools and equipment that until recently was only available for a lot of money for professionals plus everything you can find in explanation of work on Youtube, a world can open up for you.

"I started smoking again"

Marcel is a retired accountant. In the meantime, he has tight agreements with his wife to get out of the garage every now and then. "I can't imagine spending all my life with those numbers!" From a safe five feet away, we tell him: “Better late than never”. Marcel says: “I also started smoking again while tinkering. However, I think so. ”

We decide to have T-shirts printed: “I cough because I smoke”.
How long would it take before we could have the first container from Vietnam?


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  1. You can also have your t shirt printed at the local market. Is a piece of good buyer a container full from NKorea. Mr. Kim Jong Oen would be happy with it and immediately shoot it up.
    But people from Vietnam (of course with an orange agent) will also make people happy😜

    • But if the sea container is part of the shipment, you will have a nice storage place for nothing from NK. Besides, I don't really trade. I buy too expensive and sell for too little. That's not a nice business model

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