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Important week ahead for BOVAG and KNAC

General chairman Koos Burgman of the BOVAG will campaign with a broad coalition against the excise duty increases
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The BOVAG and KNAC have an important week ahead. Both interest groups follow national and local politics respectively with more than normal interest. The BOVAG will protest next Monday against the proposed tax plans for motorists. The KNAC is eagerly awaiting whether the Utrecht city council decides next Thursday to introduce the environmental zone for passenger cars.


Monday treatment Tax plan 2014
This Monday the 2014 Tax Plan will be discussed in the Lower House. For the BOVAG, this provides reason to take extensive action. Among other things, they want to show that government policy in relation to the increase in excise duty is disastrous for employment in the border region. This week it was demonstrated that 800 gas stations are being threatened in their survival. That means a dangerous starting point for thousands of jobs, partly because the people who cross the border to refuel also do the often cheaper shopping abroad. Chairman Koos Burgman also spoke about this in the TROS Autoshow. In all likelihood, a coalition of various interest groups is taking action at various locations. Incidentally, the discussion focuses on the border region, but what is less often mentioned is that the highly working and industrious Netherlands will experience a heavier burden on mobility.


Actions still surprise
Burgman refused to respond to repeated requests from TROS guest presenter and car journalist Henri Stolwijk to name the content of the promotion. He did say that "they will be surprising". He also reported that the old-timer taxes are also going up, in other words: the MRB exemption would be converted into the 40-year compromise. Burgman can forget that, because demonstrated through months of effort that the chance that the current Van Vliet Amendment will largely remain intact is a very large one. Let's go back to the actions of the coalition of which the BOVAG together with, among others, the RAI Association, EVO, ANWB and Transport en Logistiek Nederland are part of: It is questionable whether they have an effect, no matter how harmful they are. side of the proposed tax measures. Because in the real weather excellent National Auto Show from Business News Radio VVD MP Remco Dijkstra already told that the excise tax increases will continue. That is somewhat premature, because the 2014 Tax Plan still needs to be discussed and approved.


KNAC awaits local political decision
In the meantime, the KNAC is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Utrecht city council meeting. This will take place next Thursday and on the basis of this it will become clear whether the Council has opted for the introduction of the environmental zone per 1 January 2015. If Utrecht so decides, the KNAC will point the arrows at the municipal elections. They will take place in five months. The CDA and the VVD already indicated that they were against the environmental zone. Yet it seems to be coming. The KNAC did not manage to get the required 2.700 signatures for the Advisory referendum in time. From a political point of view, this can be explained in the current composition of the council as a lack of support among the population. In addition, the environmental zone for older company cars was recently introduced. That actually went pretty quietly. The expectation is therefore that the KNAC can already start with the political lobby towards municipal elections. Because the environmental zone is coming - unfortunately - in all likelihood.



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