Innocenti Morris 1300 GT IM3S

Innocenti Morris 1300 GT
An Innocenti Morris IM3S 1300 GT, completely in this state, is extremely rare!
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Perhaps you can imagine that there was a somewhat uneasy moment when you saw this Innocenti Morris 1300 GT in Vicenza, Italy. A picture of a car from 1966 and has never been restored or tampered with. On the counter 90.100 kilometers.

In accordance with the existing service and maintenance booklets, demonstrable from new. When did you last see such a car, have you ever seen one in the flesh at all? And then the asking price ... 2.000 euros! These have never been available in the Netherlands. Innocenti was originally a machine factory set up in 1920 by Ferdinando Innocenti where, over time, mopeds, refrigerators and washing machines were built. In 1960 a contract was concluded with the British Motor Corporation and production of the Austin A40 started. Shortly thereafter the Innocenti Spider saw the light of day, a beautifully lined cabriolet drawn by design house Ghia based on the Austin-Healey Sprite or MG Midget. Although much more expensive than the Sprite and Midget, 7.800 units were sold. The Innocenti IM3 became the next challenge, a nicer-made ADO16 that came to be known as 'Glider' in our country. That was not such a success. On the other hand, the Mini Innocenti that they also built there. It was even available as a Cooper 1300. After the death of the company founder in 1966, it came into the hands of the successor of BMC British Leyland. The last Anglo Italian trick was the Innocenti 90 / 120, a coachwork drawn by Bertone based on the Mini. In 1976, the now distressed group transferred to Detomaso to eventually become part of the Fiat group in 1990. The last Innocenti had long since left the factory gates. We hardly dare to ask, is there anyone in the Netherlands who has such an Innocenti in the stables?



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  1. Good evening… as mentioned before…. There is certainly another Innocenti Morris IM3 in the Netherlands !! almost in new condition, unrestored and 25 dkm on the clock !! now RDW approved and with registration and MOT !. First paint, unwelded and flawless! Interior in new condition, even had foil on the upholstery !! so… ..
    With kind regards, PJ ter Beek

  2. good afternoon …… to your question if there would be an Innocenti IM3 in the Netherlands ??? Yes, and a very nice white, completely untouched, unwelded and very neat in the paint !!! with less than 30Dkm !! Next week to RDW for license plate inspection.

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