InterClassics Maastricht once again attracts more than 30.000 visitors

InterClassics Maastricht
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De 26th edition of InterClassics Maastricht has once again welcomed more than 30.000 visitors. In total, 33.257 visitors from 10 up to and including 13 January visited the exhibition. The number of visitors once again exceeded thirty thousand. The organization speaks of a successful and prominent European classic event.

The Italian brand Lancia was central during this edition. The highlights from the brand's more than 100-rich history were presented in a beautiful show pavilion in collaboration with the Lancia Club in the Netherlands and Belgium and various museums. Including the only remaining original Lancia D23 Spyder Pininfarina which was made available by the Louwman Museum.

Diverse offer

The offer at the fair was very diverse for both buyers and enthusiasts. The British auction house Coys has held its largest auction ever in the history of InterClassics Maastricht. Among other things, the classic car of legendary pop star Phil Collins went under the hammer. The exhibitors present around 300 showed their diverse range and items related to classics. There was something to be found for every candidate, also in the field of automobilia, parts and other classic products.

Virtual racing

In addition, the visitors could race sim on the virtual circuit of Monte Carlo. Two full motion racing simulators were present. Five-time world champion simulator racing and Maastricht based Bono Huis competed against Dutch professional racing driver Xavier Maassen on circuit Monte Carlo 1966 during a live event sim racing. The classic with which this sim race was driven was the 1975 McLaren M23. Bono Huis won this victory.

"Animo for classics"

InterClassics manager Erik Panis: 'We are delighted to see that we have welcomed more than 30.000 visitors again this year. The second year in a row that we are allowed to record such visitor numbers. This shows that there is still a lot of interest from buyers and enthusiasts for the classic car world '.

For the agenda: 2020 edition

The dates for the next version of InterClassics Maastricht are known. The 27-th edition will take place from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 January 2020 in MECC Maastricht. For more information about InterClassics Maastricht, visit

Photos gallery: Frank Bouckaert, Auto Motor Klassiek (excluding Phil Collins' Austin A35 image)

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  1. Hope AM also reads this and makes it known. Would not sponsor such a grant but indeed the other ones mentioned.
    Fortunately more people see it I thought I was becoming a joke :-).

    Greetings Jaak.

  2. I thought it was an interesting fair again. Indeed not for Jan Modaal. You can see from the wine-sipping visitors that Interclassics focuses on a higher segment. I had also not visited the fair for a number of years because of the deluge of Porsche 911. Fortunately that hype has passed its peak a bit. The VW vans for amazing prices are also on the decline. The Lanica pavilion was beautiful. Where can you find such a beautiful collection?

  3. I was there for the first time, but this was a fair for people with a big budget. It was a very commercial event and “real” classics were hard to find. They were even more beautiful and shiny than when they left the factory, with the corresponding prices. This was more of an “investor fair” than a fair for the real enthusiast. For me once but never again.

  4. Sorry but I found it again a disgustingly expensive showroom where nothing for the common man to find. The small traders have also stayed away for years with their nice things. For me this will pass in the future. Give me the fair in Genk but much nicer and more normal on 16 and 17 March. The fair started in the mid-90s and people could still find and buy something nice. Unfortunately that was over when the big boys took over. Can I only see that ?????

    • Dear Jaak, I am absolutely right, and I am not alone.
      Maastricht has been running alongside her shoes for years, and is almost no longer feasible for Jan Mondaal.And then I am not talking about those absurd parking fees.
      No, give me BV Genk, Malmedy, but especially Ciney. This is where the real enthusiast comes into his own.

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