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Classics and investing? They usually do not fit in an old sock under the bed. But from an investment perspective, they are quite interesting with the trend of current interest rates. Moreover: if the interest rate becomes negative, there will be a shortage of old socks in this country. When the time comes, be careful when opening the front door when the doorbell rings.

The money in an old sock can only be counted in the evening

Consider Dagobert Duck's tragic situation. But of the savings in the form of a beautiful classic? You can, enthusiasts can really enjoy it. The purchase of your own time machine is easily defensible, even against the most critical mothers-in-law. Because that you do not have to write off or even happy to win? That only makes the fun bigger.

Classics nowadays are no longer merely a passion that by definition costs money. Classics have been discovered by people who invest in it and speculators. And on the seepage tube or your screen you can see how classics go under the hammer for millions each. The buyers are crazy with unlimited balances. Peak and not over. Americans are crazy. Saoudis are crazy. All people from the Gulf States are crazy.

The best classics are - we think - the highest in terms of prices. As a short-term earnings model, we don't see much in it anymore. But whether those masterpieces prove and remain stable in value? We believe in that. Rare, beautiful things keep their price going. Because there are now so many people that there will always be people with a lot of money (and an appropriate dose of greed).

Classics can be a healthy investment

But classics as an investment are not that crazy within the human scale. Then that might just as well be an (almost) perfect Trabant, an Opel Ascona, a Riley or one Citroen Be CX. And patina is currently worth more than showroom shine. But do not confuse patina with signs of neglect and dissolution.

The time when refurbishers or cars with trade were looking for work is over. Just like the generation of garage owners and enthusiasts who are born with dirt under their nails and a black wipe in their faces.

Restoring a classic usually costs (much) more than the value of the direct object will ever be. And just making it 'ready for sale' doesn't make a valuable classic.

Investing is also thinking

When buying a classic with the idea that you can earn money, you have to be a forerunner - early adopter - and not want to make the best of your life tomorrow. The prices of everything that is common or desired are known worldwide. And thanks to the Internet, everyone is orienting themselves on those prices. And many of those prizes are dream prizes.

18.000 euro was asked for the spotless white in the Russian photo. He left for four mille. A perfect ugly duck? For that moment, tight 20 mille is just being asked for. That is no longer a happy investment.

The chance that you will find an almost perfect E-type, Gullwing or Porsche for a neat old lady is very small. But an almost perfect Toyota Crown from the legacy of a couple who used the Japanese edition fret only to impress their fellow believers at church? That can be a golden handle.

A beautiful Lada is also worth considering, as is an early Polo who lived its life as the third or fourth car in the family. We recently saw a ZGAN Visaatje pass by. For 600 euros. You are not going to make tons of money from that. But what do you do with so much money? If you search on what is my car worth?, then you will generally find enough websites that can give a good indication of the value of your car.

There are a lot of classics - or young timers that are 'bubbling under'. Cars that are still priced very well in good to very good condition. These are usually cars from the segment up to and including the upper middle class. Cars that are not necessarily saved and cherished. Cars where we are already seeing prices rise carefully.

But no longer buy diesel, no matter how nice and cheap it is. The environment thinks this is not good because it prevents Schiphol from growing. The emission of particles in those old classics, incidentally, is much less harmful to health than in the newest diesels. Old diesels emit particulate matter that you can simply cough up. The much finer particles of new diesels go directly into the bloodstream.

To invest
Too late. Or just in time. The R4 has already been discovered.
To invest
ZGAN. From 18000 to 4000
To invest
Two sensible investments in money and luck
To invest
Rarer than a Ferrari, much cheaper too
To invest
Much cheaper than a Gullwing


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  1. Dear Dolf,
    another nice “critical” story about classic investments.
    Unfortunately, after government steps down, society is ruled by the market. The government now even outsources control to the market and thus retains “control”. So we see that the car lobby in The Hague has seen its chance. Subsidies first on Hybrid, then full-electric, etc. The actual effect is not considered. The FOOTPRINT.
    The environmental effect of the batteries (Tesla) appears to be very bad. The “payback time” of a petrol car is more than 100.000 km, for an electric car between 500 - 700 K. (the lease car is sold after 200 K)

    How long can we continue with our beautiful classic until the market lobby in The Hague forbids us?

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