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Barn finds, investing and restoring

Barn finds
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In the Netherlands in Belgium, hundreds and hundreds of classics must still be forgotten in sheds and under sheds. We have to, because we are alone in dozens of them. The question is: should you be happy with such a barn find? That should not be. It's allowed.

Motorcycles that have been standing still for a (very) long time usually do not recover

The Honda Black Bomber that has been put away half a century ago in the boiler room of a greenhouse complex (the owner was no longer allowed to drive it after the birth of his first child) may have been left there. Because that Honda needs a few new tires and a battery at best.

But a motorcycle like the Kawasaki Z1000 that we recently found at 2CV landlord Duckville?

If we wanted him already we would give a few hundred euros for this barn find unseen. Restoring a motorcycle usually never comes true in terms of the value of the thing. In addition, there are reservations about the restoration of many old British. Because for those engines there is still a lot to buy at acceptable prices. Unfortunately, a lot of sheet metal and such a poorly fitting reference. And then you lose time and money again to make things pass. That also applies to Harley-Davidson. BMW gear is generally well-available. For Italian bicycles, the case falls under the law on gambling.

Original universal

Many Italian motorcycle makers bought wheels, handlebars, engine parts, front forks and other stuff from Italian suppliers. Gas handles, levers, clusters, headlights and tail lights are often 'universal Italian'. Conti and LaFranconi made exhausts for everyone. In addition: British and Italian engine manufacturers were flexible in the use of parts: "We just assemble what we have". This way, originality is easy to defend. With every shed find.

We will stay with the Z1000 for a while

Japanese color, chrome and plate parts are increasingly available again. Although you can forget about 'getting it' with the current prices. Good exhausts are no longer used. A complete new set costs just € 2.000. A set of new intake rubbers and a carburetor overhaul set also costs nothing for a four-cylinder. For tightening and original spraying, think of amounts of around € 2000. The revision of a Japanese four-cylinder abrasive find can easily cost € 3000. Good blocks for little money are no longer there. Moreover, you will then have lost your 'matching numbers'. And then you have lost a power of euri to fork and ball head bearings, rubbers and dingests and wiring. That is all stuff that you really only have to buy new. A set of tires and a good chain set. New brake lines and cables ... It can all be terribly fun if you have the time, if you want to spend a lot of time searching and if you like it.

Low budget? No budget!

What is almost shamelessly cheap is the restoration of Russian boxer twins. For the die hards there is the book "Mit Hammer und Schlüssel". For people with a more practical mind, a year-old spread of around twenty is entirely defensible. But even though the prices for old Russian tricycles are rising steadily, it is still best to buy the best possible model when it comes to the investment. On the other hand: For a novice restorer who doesn't want to run a financial risk, a Russian restoration might be the start of a fantastic career. Used and new parts are full. And they cost almost embarrassingly little.

At the end of such a project you can of course say that you are happy with the result. But you didn't make a good investment. A friendly merchant said it like this: "Your restoration is my profit".

Barn finds
3500 euros already in new condition
Barn finds
Almost ruined. But a great basis
Barn finds
You should be able to see through that. It is a real, early V7 Sport
Barn finds
Buy and be away!




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