It should not get any crazier

citroen-ds-other-petrol-beigeThe fact that keyboards are lowering the threshold and that many people have a lot of time left is once again proven.

At the Ulftse garage where the BX of our teacher Frans Sylvia Scholder is under maintenance, car company Berben, there is a DS. A fixer.

The car is for sale for 1400 euros. Isn't that change? It is therefore not negotiable.

The mechanic showed us the extensive e-mail from someone who was considering the purchase of that beautiful sleeping star.

Consider if:
* An extensive photo reportage could be submitted
* A list of parts and hours to be replaced could be specified
* Those parts had to be supplied at specified net price.
* It could be guaranteed that the car had no hidden defects
* The car for the purchase price plus expenses incurred would be bought back should it fall on closer consideration

Of course, the cloud runner also assumed that the car would be delivered free of charge when purchased.

And the trader who had already canceled his appointment twice?
You could live with that.
Because a trader can be really busy.
And that man had no set of demands, but apologized ...

Treat your garage mechanic with love.
Sometimes he deserves to sleep with a smile on his lips


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