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We know someone who has completed IVA training. At one point it had a whole bunch of garage companies. Then he went into Serious Real Estate. He was even close to the Quote 500. His neo-liberal real estate approach resulted in him getting stuck. That man was even too enterprising for IVA concepts. However, professionals are trained in Driebergen who usually end up quite well. Nick Aaldering is an IVA man. And Auto Motor Klassiek reader Bas van der Hoek too.

Because of his email address ...

We came into contact with Bas in response to his response to a message on this site. Bas lives in Canada, so forgive him for not being so dirt cheap Subscription on the monthly 'real' edition of Auto Motor Klassiek has. We sincerely ask everyone to take out such a subscription. It doesn't cost you much, you get a lot in return and as a subscriber you can even advertise for free. And we keep this site online with part of the monthly magazine proceeds. So: welcome to the club!

We were triggered by Bas's email address: “Skodaboys @ XXXXX”. Because Skodas are fun and sweet. And so we got into a conversation.

Bas tells…

“In the early 70s I went to Canada after the IVA, where I still am. A Skoda (pictured) was my first car there, at the same time as a 1975 Chrysler Imperial Le baron. I drove Skoda from the early 80's to 2012 and made many friends in our club without rules - actually there was a rule: you had to be polite - “The obscure automobile Club”. Gary has his Tatra, Pat is still restoring his DS. I've ridden DS for years. Sold in 2012 and then became the second owner of the CX diesel that I still drive.

A Skoda gift ...

I gave my Orange Skoda away to one of my colleagues and my last one, the 135 GLS with fuel injection, also sold in 2012 (after a left foot operation). The CX is also a stick shift. The pedal arrangement is good there and with my Dutch Gevavi clogs I have no problem with the left foot. I had an incredible amount of fun with my Skodas. I worked in the Richmond Auto-Mall for a quarter of a century as a salesman at BMW and later Lexus. Especially at BMW people sometimes looked at me strangely. Because a Skoda? A Skoda driver? That was beyond the frame of mind.

That's how the name Skodaboys originated in, I thought, 1980 or 81. It's the only email address I have. I don't do anything with putters, I don't feel like it. But I'm still working on 'old stuff' and especially my friends here who make a lot of parts themselves.

There is still much to be found in Vancouver

Vancouver and its surroundings are not only very beautiful, but also interesting when it comes to old cars and motorcycles. There's still so much English stuff hiding here in big houses, and Old American in Surrey, and Aldergrove.

In addition, in connection with the 'Chinese Invasion' in the 90s, we also have the dubiously largest number of 'Exotic Cars'.

Here you stumble across the Lambos and Ferraris with 16 year old children in them. Complete with an “L” (learner license) sticker on the rear window. Always handy when Mom and Dad have plenty of money. ”

So much for the message from Canada.

We hope to keep in touch with Bas, the IVAman from Vancouver. Because people who like Skoda's? They are friendly people.

What we also liked: Bas has left the Low Countries for a while now. And he still writes neatly Dutch. And that is very different from the cheaply modeled blonde we ever meet. She had lived in Canada for two years in her earliest childhood and spoke with a greasy accent searching for Dutch words and 'could absolutely skrave no Dutch! Horrible! ”

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  1. Dear Dolf,

    It was a pleasure to read the piece you made with my brother Bas. He always really enjoys your bits and loves your humor.
    Every now and then a package goes to Vancouver with some read AMKs (we have had an subscription for years) and he will sort them out completely.
    It is nice to see what his friends are doing there with special cars. We also went to a show, which was held in a beautiful park, and your mouth really falls open with all the beauty that is there.
    Sometimes I have sent parts for him or a friend because that is, of course, more readily available here. The Skoda's are gone, but for a CX there is more to be found here than there.
    We are crazy about English stuff and our old Giulia. My husband Paul has even been on the front page with his Wolseley 1500 turned into a racer. It was a good time and Peter Ecury had written about it that he only had to put shopping cart wheels on the handles and advertising on the bottom because that thing had to handle once, so that car leaned on the narrow tires through the bend, which luckily that car did not happen 🙂

    I found it a wonderful message to read, thank you for that !!

    Warm regards,

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