Jaguar Coupe 5.3l V12 and other Jaguars at vintage car auction Catawiki

Jaguar Coupe 5.3l V12 front Catawiki
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At Catawiki you can bid for an exclusive vintage car auction until December 29. Part of the impressive selection consists of Jaguars from a Dutch private collection. One is a 'ZGAN' Jaguar Coupe with 5.3l V12. Only 1269 LHD copies were built. After complete restoration, the multi-award-winning twelve-cylinder has only driven 1560 miles. 

The Jaguar XJ is Jaguar's luxury sedan

The model was introduced in 1968 and from that moment was the flagship of Jaguar's range. The XJ12 received an 5,3 liter V12, making it the fastest four-seater in the world. The XJ was the last Jaguar sedan to be developed under the supervision of founder William Lyons. But because there is a superlative after the magnifying one, something more beautiful came up: In 1975, Jaguar launched the two-door XJ-C coupé. Only 1978 copies were made up to 8378. The model was built as a six-cylinder (6505 unit) and as a twelve-cylinder (1873 unit).

Originally it was planned to introduce the XJ-C as early as 1973, but problems with the window seals stopped production. The cars remained susceptible to flooding and dull thinkers grumbled about wind noise. This grumbling in the margin, together with the price, ensured that production remained limited. That rarity makes the car extra sought after. Rightly so. (

From the same collection

For Jaguar lovers who prefer the older ones and genuine patina, there is an unrestored Jaguar XK140 'Open Two Seater' in Suede Green, with Suede Green interior from the same collection. Including the original jack, original grease gun and original Dunlop Road Speed ​​spare wheel.

Jaguar - XK 150 FHC - Rallycoupe from 1958

To prove that Jaguars also have their brutal side, there is also a Jaguar 150 FHC 4,2 liter LHD in combat kit. The anabolic Jaguar is black, has special Sparco rally seats, a Terra Trip 202 plus tripmaster, with four-point seat belts and a roll cage. Further equipped with electronic ignition, an oil cooler, a revised Getrag 5 container and electric power steering. With limited slip differential, larger brakes, extra strong wire wheels and a Webasto parking heater for winter riders. 

After its complete restoration, the Jaguar was only allowed to play 4710 kilometers outside. In addition, he has some minor traces of use. Traces of use that make it more beautiful than new. 

Then there is also a Jaguar XK 140 OTS Roadster from 1955.

Clarity is key: “Has paint damage around the boot lid, and a few small cracks in the paint, which are also recorded in the photos. Occasionally there is a slight tap in the engine from the cylinder head, but the engine functions well. ”


Stylish on the road in a Jaguar 420 G

The Jaguar 420 Sedan is the largest, most stylish Jaguar. This automobile, which can also be seen in Assen, has been completely restored in 1997 according to the Jaguar booklet. Including the maintenance history. This Jaguar is a very decadent predator. The 4,2 liter six-cylinder is powered by three carburetors. The interior boasts dark red full grain leather, beautiful wooden trimming, fantastic large seats with teak fold-out boards. (

Jaguar 420G Catawiki

But there are more flavors

It is wonderful to 'click through' on the auction site. Because who has never dreamed about a Ford Escort Twin Cam on nasty thick wheels, a Maserati Merak 3 liter from 1977 or the unique Sbarro ACE Spider? 

no reserve

The prices at auctions are target prices determined by experts. The selling party can determine a minimum price. But with a 'no reserve' auction, the classic just goes for the highest price offered. And if everyone thinks in a smart way, the buyer can eventually come to his - or her - dream classic for a very competitive price. If a lottery ticket is sold under those conditions, there is 'no reserve' in the text with the classic.  

The auction closes on December 29. You can look around on exclusive-oldtimerveiling. 


Jaguar Coupe 5.3l V12 backside Catawiki

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