The Jaguar D-Type returns

Jaguar D-Type
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Jaguar Classic takes the legendary Jaguar D-Type back into production. That happens in Coventry, 62 years after the last copy was built here in 1956. Jaguar Classic presents the first copy, a prototype, this week at Salon Rétromobile in Paris.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works wants to build 25 new copies of the Jaguar D-Type. To add luster to the traditional approach, this is done entirely by hand. In 1955, Jaguar planned a production of one hundred Jaguar D-Types, but production stopped in 1956 after only 75 copies. The traditional department of Jaguar is still the original production target. The British build the remaining 25 completely new cars completely according to the original specifications.

Every aspect in accordance with original specifications

The Jaguar D-type - which won the 1955 hour race from Le Mans in 1956, 1957 and 24, was powered by a six-cylinder XK engine. Every aspect of the Jaguar D-Types that are built in 2018 meets the original principles. A nice detail is that the chassis numbers of the new ones are brought in line with the first 75 ones.

Thorough research into originality

De completion is the thirdcontinuation'project from Jaguar Classic. Six missing Light weight E-types were built in 2014-2015. And in 2017-2018 another nine copies of the legendary Jaguar XKSS followed. A thorough investigation by the Jaguar Classic specialists - who have exclusive access to the original drawings of the Jaguar engineers and the archives - ensures that every new Jaguar D-type is manufactured entirely according to the original specifications. These were recorded in the 1950s by the boss of the racing department of Jaguar, Lofty England, and his engineers.

Choose from 1955 or 1956 version

Buyers of a D-type can opt for the specification of 1955, the so-called Shortnose version, or that of 1956, the Longnose version. The prototype debuting at Salon Rétromobile is the Longnose version of 1956. This is recognizable by the longer bonnet. The fin behind the driver, a wider cylinder head and easily replaceable calipers also provide recognition.

"Experience with previous projects gives a head start"

Kev Riches, Jaguar Classic Engineering Manager is proud. "Building the nine XKSS units was extremely satisfying. It was an even bigger technical challenge than the six missing E-types. The experience we gained during the XKSS project has given us a head start for the realization of the latest 25 Jaguar D-Types. ”


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