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Jaguar Forum Meeting in Beekbergen: a lovely day with growth potential

Jaguar Forum Meeting

On 4 June a new edition of the Jaguar Forum Meeting took place at Landgoed de Wipselberg in Beekbergen. The organization was able to welcome a growing number of participants and numerous special Jaguars. The meeting started as a small-scale meeting and, under the leadership of Simone Choudri, has developed into a prestigious meeting with great potential. 

That was right, because things were well organized in Beekbergen. The location matched the status of the British brand, the catering facilities were in order, the preparations left nothing to be desired for clarity about and, as a nice side effect, the weather gods favored the lovers of the brand with the Leaper. And for the attendees, who wanted to take a fork, lunch and a barbecue were organized.

Nice program at Jaguar Forum meeting

In Beekbergen a nice program was put together. In the morning, visitors were welcomed by the friendly organization, and they received a cup of coffee, a goodie bag (including a copy of Auto Motor Klassiek) and a nice place offered. The field, surrounded by forests, with the stately hotel in the background, soon filled with Jaguars. Most of them in a beautiful condition, some with a completely unique story.

First XJ6 in the Netherlands

Take the Jaguar XJ6, for example, which turned around at around 11 clock. A car in a fairly ragged state, but with the rare 2.8 engine. And special credentials. Because the license plate betrayed that it was a copy from 1968. The owner said that it was probably the first car of this type that was registered in the Netherlands. Or take the E-Type OTS, restored to its original glory by its owner. Or the 420 G, which the owner said "that he already wanted such a car in 1973."

Various future classics

The number of youngtimer copies was striking. Various XK8 models, as well as a number of X300 and X308 types, said that these Jaguars will become classics of the future. Furthermore, an XJ-S 3.6 with manual gearbox stood out and the number of X350 types was notable. The adepts of new Jags also came into their own, since dealer Van Mossel had made an F-Type and an F-Pace available for the beautiful day.

Concours d'élégance

With so many beautiful things on offer, it was a good thing that the organization had organized a competition d 'élégance. The jury consisted of Jaguar specialist (rather: guru) Raymond van der Walle from GG from Heinkenszand, Peter van Wijk and Erik van Putten from Auto Motor Klassiek, who after the reviews also gave a lecture about classics in general and Jaguar in particular. After careful consideration, the jury decided that a rare Jaguar XJC Convertible - never delivered from the factory, was one of the fifteen officially converted XJCs - the winner of the election, narrowly followed by the already mentioned E-Type.

Growth aspirations

After the election, the last hours arrived, and the end of a beautiful and very relaxing day came slowly in sight, but not before the remaining attendees took part in a cozy and superbly prepared barbecue. At the end of the day, while enjoying a concluding drink, Simone Choudri revealed the plans for next year. “We will probably choose this location again, with the difference that we also open the meeting to non-forum members and probably also to visitors, who just want to take a look. But first we enjoy after a successful day with a good turnout. We are very satisfied with the way the day went. "

At that moment the sounds of Bill Withers sounded from the loudspeakers under the slowly setting sun. A lovely dayand so it was.

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