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Jaguar S-type
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One of Auto Motor KlassiekThe loyal readers approached us in an original way. He only emailed an appraisal report. Granted, that did not lie. A very charming car was thoroughly assessed on countless points. A report that you can come home with! We understood very well what the owner meant by this and contacted us. When we met for a few days in a stone-cold pasture, words still seemed unnecessary. As I walk to the back of a barn, the stern of a British beauty slowly but surely becomes visible. In full glory the beautiful burgundy shines in the winter sun. What a picture.   


The Jaguar S-type came on the market in 1963 and was based on the design of the Jaguar Mk2, which was introduced four years earlier. The Jaguar S-type was positioned above the Mk2 and below the MkX in the model range. In essence, the "S" was a modified version of the Mk2 and therefore improved on many points. One of the technological improvements was the independent rear suspension that was delivered for the first time on the more luxurious MkX. After 1 production year, the Jaguar S-Type was tackled again by, for example, installing radial tires instead of crossply tires. The gearbox was also replaced by a synchromesh on all four gears, which was much more user-friendly and an overdrive was introduced.

Chattering teeth

Here in the cold barnyard stands a Jaguar S-Type 3.8. Delivered new on February 28, 1967 in California. Ordered in burgundy paint, red leather and spoke wheels. This top model of the time is equipped with the 6-cylinder XK in-line engine with, due to some lack of space, a double carburettor instead of a triple. The Jaguar was imported from California to the Netherlands in 1995 by the then chairman of the Jaguar-Daimler-Club-Nederland. The current, second Dutch owner, after having owned the Jaguar S-Type for 12 years, will now have it auctioned by us. He managed to keep the car as a time capsule by means of 1: a perfect garage, 2: good maintenance and 3: a short drive in good weather (so very occasionally). The car was perfectly restored 15 years ago, but the condition of this Jaguar can still be called top class today. While the owner walks to the Jag to move it, he adds chattering teeth that the car was recently fitted with a 1-2-3 ignition and a big battery. “No more starting problems!”. I find it dangerous to shout, a few seconds before you actually want to demonstrate a 51 year old British piece of technology in -5 ° C.

Fancy some tea

But the 6 cylinder indeed starts accurately and satisfied, the owner sends the Jaguar smoothly to the right place. Also between taking the photos, the car must be restarted a few times, but it all works flawlessly. Speaking of flawless. The party is also inside. The impressive dashboard of solid walnut looks like a wall unit with counters and switches for which you will sit down with your red leather Chesterfield. I almost forget to look outside and feel like having tea.

The head cool

The powerful engine, together with the manual transmission of 4 gear + overdrive, makes this a wonderfully moving car that is perfectly suited to today's traffic. In 10 seconds the Jaguar S-Type shifts from 0 to 100 km / h and the top speed, albeit with fear and trembling, would be at a horrible 201 km / h! With this type of effort, the Kenlowe Fan, mounted later, comes into action to support the cooling system. This ensures that even then the car can keep its head cool by motor.


The prices of this type of Jaguar are, just like with many other British people of this era, very reasonable while (or because) the quality is sometimes debatable. If you want to transcend this discussion, just enjoy yourself and have your eyes on the future, then invest time and energy in the search for a good copy. Only 25000 has ever been made of it and the S-Type is really a better car than the often more expensive Mk2. A Jaguar S-Type like this gives you a lot of pleasure from your investment, but don't forget to keep things well and punctual. That was, is and will all be worth it.

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