SS Jaguar 2,5 L. Saloon

Jaguar SS100
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In our country, even young and old-timer diesels are at risk. They are now being bought by the smartest smarts at the best prices. Because it will not happen that the whole of the Netherlands will become an environmental zone? And what should we do with Schiphol? Collectively, pre-war gasoline-fueled classics are becoming increasingly popular. But just after the war, “SS” like “Swallow Sidecars” was not a sales promotion name. So that became Jaguar.

The Jaguar SS100 2.5 ltr Saloon from 1939

Frank Ruppert is a car enthusiast who has made his dream come true. He dreamed about a pre-war "Jaguar." On the Internet, he found one in South Africa. His wife advised him to stop dreaming and fly to South Africa. That was the start of an approximately three-year restoration process in which a carefree South African 'restored' beauty was reborn.

Frank's acquisition was largely complete

That was the profit for him. But one or more South African restorations ensured that the moving car begged for more than some TLC. The Jaguar SS100 was taken to a Jaguar specialist to be stripped. What emerged made the specialist decide not to embark on the restoration of the rare predator cat. That was a fair and brave decision. The number of specialists who deal with these classics is globally small. But from various sources Frank was confirmed that Davenport Cars in England was a good place to get an early Jaguar back to its former glory.

Even if, for example, 'new construction' has to be committed from the bumper up to and including the fire shot. And that was necessary with Frank's car. Moreover, the cat had apparently once been lying on its back in a satisfied mood.

But far from perfect

The roof was repaired with a lot of filler and the sliding roof had not come off without a fuss. Oh yes: the gas tank was replaced by a plastic container. Those kind of things. The block did not run well either. The first three spark plugs tended to be fat. The British promised to get the bodywork and chassis in order again. The engine and the gearbox remained in the Netherlands, where respectively Peter van Giersbergen and Bas von Münching were concerned about the greasy darkness in those pieces of technology.

Can it be slightly smaller?

At Davenport there was no new tank on the shelves, but another tank was relieved. That tank went on the chassis, and the largely restored coach was lifted there. It just fit. And later made for a surprise. Because while driving, an arm of the shock absorber scraped the tank. Then a new tank had to be made. And for spatial considerations, the content became about five liters smaller than the first placed copy. Sometimes you have to think and act flexibly.

The result is impressive. The SS is now beautiful and good. We will not find him quickly in the parking lot of the local Action, but they are being used seriously but without worry.

But at the end of the process a Jaguar SS100 was saved. And that is worth it.

Jaguar SS100
That was him
Jaguar SS100
That has become him


Jaguar SS100



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