Jawa 350: Cheap or Expensive

Jawa 350
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We often talk about former Eastern Bloc mopeds. In the fifties and sixties they were leading, then for a long time they were worth nothing at all. Then they found their enthusiasts. Now prices are rising. To the unseemly. Because recently a Jawa Californian found in the crate was sold for $ 12.000.

But luckily not all Jawas are seriously priced. From the Jawa 636 they are just as 'worthless' as before. But they are no less endearing about it.

A Jawa TS350 for example ...

Such a two-stroke win is started in Jawa's unique way: You push the shift axle in and fold it up. Then you have the kickstarter. In terms of power and violence, you can leave faster at traffic lights than an unhurried driver. The top speed is between the 120-130 km / h, but you should definitely not drive it constantly. With normal use, such a Jawa burns 1 liters per 18 km. There are Jawa 350 that run on mixed lubrication and there are 350s that have an oil pump. Running on mix lubrication, a mix ratio of 1 to 40 is fine. That also saves a lot of smoke compared to the really old two-stroke Jawas that lubricated 1 on 25. Such a Jawa runs great on modern tires. Or at least good enough. After all, it is not a GSX-R. You also notice that on the brakes. They still require a somewhat foresight. At least: if the Jawa has a drum brake on the front. Since 1987 there is (optional) a disc brake in the front wheel. But hey: you don't have a Jawa for racing or long journeys on highways. Think 1960. Think national roads and secondary roads. Coffee with apple pie on a terrace.

Unlike some 'lighter' engines, the Jawa is a classic with enough space for two serious Dutch adults.

Jawa 350 twins are pretty good

In principle, such a Czechoslovakian twin is quite solid. But just as with other Eastern blockers, minor disruptions are not unusual. They are usually the result of the use of lower quality parts and / or carelessness during earlier assembly. A modern motorcyclist then takes his smartphone and claims his right to replacement transport. A Jawa driver solves the problem himself and on the spot. Just around the 30.000 km, a Jawa 350 usually needs a bunch of fresh pistons. Replacement is in no way a problem and a job that anyone can handle. You only have to outsource the drilling of the cylinders. Or you just buy new cylinders. In the - by now - countries of origin, complete Jawas are nowadays the best prices. But the parts are often cheaper than they are here. Take a look at a site like

Almost Italian electricity

The electrical installation is no wonder of reliability. The floating fuse in the system is the first suspect in case of trouble. Consult the local auto parts trade for replacement. The ignition has a dubious reputation. But there is good quality replacement in the form of electronic ignition.

You will have to find the Jawa of your dreams yourself. But for the people who want to make the Jawa feel their own, there is still a whole box of old club magazines from 1994-1999 on. The first mail to may have it.

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