Jawa 351

Jawa/CZ 125cc 351
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This small Jawa/CZ was a result of the obligatory collaboration between both brands. Made in 125 and 150 cc versions, called type 351 (125 cc) and 352 (150 cc). Here in the Netherlands the 150 cc was also called “JUNIOR”.

Those four horsepower and a top of about 70 plus a little…

Could you still make a little impression with that in 1955? Yes it is. Because we were still in reconstruction after WWII and the Jawas imported by the Bers company were highly modern, reliable machines. In the time when motorcycles that can be purchased through the dealer have cylinder capacities of 1000+ cc and 200 hp, those Jawa values ​​are not really impressive. But in 1955 a 250 cc motorcycle was a 'medium' motorcycle. And with 150 cc you were a lot above the 100 and the 125 cc. You could be seen on about 150 cc Jawa. But of course in 1955 we also dreamed about bigger and faster. That's why Jawa even made 350 cc machines. These were for local police and government use, but mainly for export. The – at the time – Czech Slovaks were very much in need of western currencies, real money that they could use on the international market.

Meanwhile, the Czechs and Slovaks have some more money

There are even some with quite a bit of money. They want to buy back their wasted history and they pay a lot for the dream bikes of their (grand) parents, for the 350 cc machines.

The lighter Jawas?

They still had a lot of them in their home countries. But those brave free-range animals had often been ridden to the bone. 250 cc Jawas were local as for the better-off, but the still driving ones were and often are tired. Fortunately, the parts supply of almost all Jawas is still in excellent condition.

In the current traffic picture you are in the margins of existence with a 150 cc two-stroke

If you lubricate 1 in 40 with a good two-stroke oil, it is not so bad with the blue smoke behind the single cylinder. But with the top speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour, you have no chance in any confrontation with a pizza courier on a scooter including warming case. When we say that the Jawa brakes can do their job, you don't have to think of fat black stripes on the vowels.

Such a light Jawa is just an endearing thing to see and a nice Sunday afternoon tour on the roads in the shade of the secondary roads.

The reflection period now starts

Because the little Jawas have not yet been discovered by people who want to invest their savings anyway. Assume that on most finds the chrome is bad. But the parts are still new – original or as genuine European reference – for sale. Moreover, restoring such a Jawaatje is not something that you have to go through the TH Delft for. The motorcycle fairs will resume soon. And how much fun is it to go hunting? To score a Jawatje. Because slowing down is important.

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Jawa/CZ 125cc 351


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  1. I got my driver's license at Jawa by means of a practice permit, which was an obligation of the employer. Also ridden on CZ. Didn't like it 10 times then, now look at it with fondness. The older, the wiser. Although I actually think that two-strokes are no longer possible, what a stench those scooters give.

    • Well that few two-strokes you still see driving, it won't save the world if it stopped driving and I still like the smell of it! 🤔 Just like a good cigar, by the way.

  2. Got off my Puch Skyrider moped in 1970 on a CZ 125. It pulled great with its 7 HP the first few days I thought. Driven for more than two years, without breakdown, but with high consumption. Also participated in the elfstedentocht (for motorcycles) in the year that the first Honda four arrived in Nl. Then it was clear how far behind CZ was and the next bike was a Yamaha twin. Still I couldn't resist buying a CZ again after Yamaha number two, a 175. With a top speed of almost 130 km/h I rode it faster than mine on the cobblestones in the Ardennes. friends on their yamahas. Was half off road in handling characteristics (then).

  3. Nice story again.
    Now I have a lot more with four-wheeled, but where CZ shows up a childhood memory "fountains" up.
    My Moerwijk boy next door Paul got a motorcycle….. As a man of one year offfff eight I imagined a lot of “exhaust-and-fairing work” of that.
    On a Friday afternoon my mother took me to De Morgenstond for swimming lessons and there Paul's dad came down the bridge on the CZ, I thought, without a helmet.
    So something was disappointing, that simple CZ. I thought it was cool. Bèmbèmberdebèm.

  4. When I had graduated from high school in 1966 my parents (I had already saved half) gave me a new CZ 125 cc. I took my driving test with it after 10 lessons.
    The "thing" ran a lot faster than 70 km/h after driving in! 95-100 worked.
    Total loss ridden on a beetle, frame and front fork crooked. Another with a rotten engine at the Karel fa. in Nijmegen was quickly found and on a TT afternoon, the block and other good attributes were rebuilt! Then it was driven until 1969, including holidays in France.
    I have good memories of it. Even drove to Zandvoort in the Zeestermeeting.
    Then drove everything: Triumph 350, BMW 500, BSA Spitfire and a few more BMWs.
    Currently BMW R 1200R.

    Jawa 351

  5. Do I see naughty text in the taillight there? Anyway, I liked the Bordeaux-red color at the time, especially in combination with the sometimes still present golden trim. But the rest, not really. Because I thought that color would look better on the Ariel 4-strokes. And, the only English property with that colour, my Bialaddin 300X lamp from 1947. I once got to ride someone's 250 cc with a dashboard on the tank, with which I could strum along on the provincial road. But (laying flat?) on the tank about 70 km per hour does not appeal to me, even though a 150 cc is still so affordable.

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