Jeep CJ7

Jeep CJ7
Unpolished in The States
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Jeep CJ7: for the 'Go!', Or for the show?

We recently had a Humvee in the picture. Because this season is perfect for dredging. Here in the Netherlands these are often playing days on a fenced plot. Not even that far across the border you can just play unpaved. But pay attention. Especially if you go to the Walloon or French Ardennes. The locals there have a limited acceptance threshold for foreign recreation off roaders. They are even being shot at. Now the impact of two loads of double 0 hail in a door is naturally very tough. But there are risks.

On the other hand: many 4WD classics are doubly muscled and pimped

They are basically very usable all-rounders with the looks of Rambo on a nasty Monday morning. But they have never been more than a stone's throw away from the safe asphalt in their entire lives. Simply because their owners realize that they have little admiration in an abandoned quarry and that serious off-road driving is usually accompanied by serious damage. And that is expensive.

To visually and acoustically upgrade Jeep-like music, there are a few 'must do's': thicker wheels, a raised case and a V8. Everyone who loves music understands why people love V8s. Moreover, the American V8 blocks are simple, reliable and inexpensive. Traditionally, utility vehicles such as pick-ups, panel vans and off-road vehicles had six (or even four) cylinders.

Away from the base

Four and six cylinders were lighter, cheaper and more economical than V8s and did what they had to do: power tools. Without fun factor. Because why should work be fun? In addition, when it comes to off-road use, you have more weight than less power. In the field, the benefit lies in the continued driving and controlled traction. But in the context of product simplification, almost all engine blocks matched all transmissions. And used V8s? They didn't cost a drop. So much for the loving addition with meaningful violence.

The looks, pluses and minuses

Thick - or the thickest - tires are useful on the hardest or softest soil. On asphalt, they can form a significant load on the power steering. And in terms of steering behavior? Oh well: you don't have a big Jeep CJ7 anyway to be able to hit kart tracks.

The 'raising' of 4WDs can be done in two ways: the cheap and the good way. The latter way requires quite a bit of work. The handling in the second case does not even deteriorate. But after a short familiarization period, the seating position in a higher Jeep CJ7 gives a wonderful traffic overview.

All in all, a thick, professionally elevated Jeep CJ7 is a wonderful cruise machine. See and be seen while enjoying the unique, superiority-radiating driving feeling of such a fun mobile.

A welcome asylum seeker

Our fashion model is such a Jeep CJ7 that has been tackled by a genuine enthusiast. It is a cruiser with probably minimal off road experience. The roll bar is therefore also ZGAN. The engine is an 304 V8 with behind it a T18 manual gearbox. The car has power steering and is equipped with a realistic 6 ″ Rubicon lift. The car is of course on tough tires and has beautiful rims. We saw it when it was purchased for cleaning. In the meantime, he has been polished and established through the USA Classic Car Collection in Appingedam. And if no one dares to rush him through the Vosges this winter, he will undoubtedly have an impressive second life along Neer's most beautiful boulevards.

Jeep CJ7


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  1. Because the gasoline prices are slightly different here than on the other side of the plump: Can you run such a device on Propane? Is a consumption of 1: 6 estimated too high or too low?

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