Jeep GJ 10-A tractor unit (1986): Brute force

Jeep GJ 10-A
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A Jeep as a hobby vehicle with character, an impressive appearance that also exudes raw power. (A Jeep is only a Jeep if it has a Jeep on it.) Such a tough Jeep is actually an inspiration for adventure. In the past, the working life of this Jeep GJ 10-A was with the US Air Force where he had the military task of driving the aircraft in and out of the hangars.

By: Dirk de Jong 

Now he has a dual civilian job: as a hobby car for Jan - who has owned the Jeep for 10 years now - and secondly for jobs that require strength. Such as as a 'tractor' when collecting old paper in the village, and the regular visits to the landfill.

Speed ​​restriction

The striking and fierce engine noise gives the impression that there is speed to do with the Jeep, but its (pinched) top is around 30 km per hour. More than sufficient in his military task at the American air base and certainly still well equipped for his civilian task. The old sign 16 km comes from a tractor, and as is known, the tractors will soon also receive a license plate that now includes this Jeep.

The Jeep GJ 10-A

Jan: “When I bought it, I was told that my Jeep is composed of many parts from other cars, including a Nissan engine and a Chrysler automatic gearbox. The name is Jeep GJ 10-A and my powerhouse has only 4800 running hours. That's little for a 35-year-old. About 33 of them were built. For me it is very easy to handle the Jeep, I have been a bulldozer driver for no less than XNUMX years, so I am used to heavy equipment. ”

For Jan they are certainly not memories of a joiner, but now admiration for his special vehicle, which always attracts attention. And the latter may also be a nice side effect of the hobby.

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  1. I thought that every ”original Jeep” always has -7- bars in the grill, to this day!?!? …
    This one has -10 bars !!! …

  2. How heavy is this device?
    If you want to tow a plane you need strength AND weight to put it on the road. Seems to me

    • This Jeep will not be intended for Boeing's 747 (> 300.000 kg).
      A military aircraft (with the exception of heavy bombers) is generally not very heavy ...
      Roughly <10.000 kg for a Starfighter?

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