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Writers are inspired by other writers by reading their books. Painters by viewing other works. And sculptors? They are also inspired. For Hans, being creative does not only mean making works of art. Being creative is an attitude to life that creates new worlds. He made the Jouta, only one version in the world.

By: Dirk de Jong

No drawings, no direct examples. Or it should be the English Morgan who set the example for the Jouta. High investment in time and fun, but also sleep deprived for a period of one year. The registration certificate describes this 3-wheeler as a motorcycle with the trade name Oscar-16. A weight of 270 kg and built in 1956 of the last century. It goes without saying that he had to overcome many technical problems. But that was also a challenge. A chassis of the Velorex tricycle was used. A Honda engine came in the back and powered the rear wheel. Hans made things himself from an early age. The body was developed by himself and formed in steel into a classic model of an English sports car.


There is a special atmosphere in the studio of Hans Jouta. The Jouta is surrounded by all kinds of works of art in steel. But the special feeling is also due to a number of 30 cm high images that he made for Ajax-Amsterdam, Rinus Michels, Sjaak Zwart, Frank and Ronald de Boer, Jari Litmanen, Bobby Haarms and a world-class footballer that every Dutchman knows and has a warm heart. The beautiful lines in his sculptures make a big impression. This is also clearly visible in his images of birds.

Nostalgic blood

Not only does iron flow through his veins, but nostalgia also makes the blood flow faster. As a company car he drives a Peugeot 403 from 1963. A classic that makes his heart beat faster. Inspired people know what makes them enthusiastic, what inspires them and gives them energy… and thus makes them happy. 

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