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Jubilating Athlon is organizing Tour of the Century on 18 September

In honor of the 100th anniversary, the Athlon leasing company is organizing a recreational tour on 18 September, where 100 years of car history come together and the ride will ride in a procession. The Tour of the Century is looking for 100 cars, each from one of the past hundred years. These will glorify during a tour of 100 kilometers in the Utrecht area. Car owners can register to be part of this special trip.

Every year from 1916 to 2016 is represented by a car model that is typical of that year in car history. In addition to vintage cars, young cars and newer models also participate in the tour. Marchel Koops, general manager of Athlon: “We started as a RIVA garage in 1916. Over the course of the past century we have had almost all models that are registered for the Tour in our garages or in the car park. They are our history. We cherish that with this tour. Seeing a hundred years of history pass by invites you to look forward to the next hundred years. ”

Another car that we think belongs to the Tour of the Century: a Peugeot 404, photographed here in Appelscha. Image: Erik van Putten
Another car that we think belongs to the Tour of the Century: a Peugeot 404, photographed here in Appelscha. Image: Erik van Putten

Car owners are cordially invited to sign up
Car owners sign up for free by posting a photo and the story of the car on A jury of leading car enthusiasts judges the entries on historical value, originality, condition and the story behind the car. Koops: “The jury consists of car enthusiasts in heart and soul. It will be difficult for them to make a selection. But in the end it is intended that all participants in succession form a caravan of 100 years of car history. Great for both the spectators and participants of the Tour. We therefore hope that fellow car enthusiasts will enroll en masse. "

About the Tour of the Century
Athlon is celebrating an important milestone: the lease company turned 100 this year. This anniversary is celebrated in grand style with various activities and events for customers, lease drivers and car enthusiasts. The highlight of the anniversary year will be the recreational tour, the Tour of the Century. A tour with 100 cars from the past 100 years. The participating vehicles are chosen by a jury and have a year of construction between 1916 and 2016. On Sunday, September 18, 2016 the tour starts and ends at De Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht. It will be a special experience, that much is already certain!

More Info
More information about this unique Tour can be found on the website: When you visit the website, you can see which beautiful field of participants has been created in the meantime, and which car is currently the most appreciated among visitors to the website.

More information about the organizing jubilee, the 100-year-old Athlon, can be found at:


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