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Porsche 911, dog
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Just aside ...

Porsche 911, dogClassic lovers and dogs, that is usually not a bad match. Okay the four-legged friends drool and shed. But if such a beast looks at you with its head a bit at an angle, then you still think that it understands you ...

Women also often like dogs and tend to want to structurally save living Beings. Abused Romanian or Greek stray dogs for example ...

Before we let our partner score her favorite Romanian, Spanish or Greek or Moldavian dog via the Internet, we need to realize how the supply and demand market works.

In times of the war in Indo China, a rat plague prevailed in Saigon. The occupying forces reported that for every dead rat a handful of local change would be given.

And what did those smart Vietnamese do? They started breeding rats for the slaughter premium. Smart…

Dog in cageMeanwhile, smart Romanians and other former Eastern blockers plus Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese have also learned that trick. They breed stray dogs, mistreat them a little to put them in an extra pathetic picture and sell the best ones via the Internet or through Dutch contacts with ladies of a certain age who are willing to have something warm in their arms.

The ladies in question are, moreover, honest, they do not know that their passing living goods are just for business.

Romania dogOlder Foreign Dogs are actually 'really used and thrown away'. Competition dogs for example. If they are no longer competitive, they are simply dumped. They are often no longer suitable for export because they have been broken and beaten or burned alive. In the countries we mentioned, there is not much respect for dogs and women. A burned dog is not endearing, but repulsive. But yeah; every country has its own habits. And from the capitalist philosophy: "If only they should have run faster / fight"

So if you have decided this year to purchase a dog to save a life and do something about your condition, do so - if you want to save a dog's life with it - then through the local shelter. "Own Dogs First!"

Ferrari dogOur advice: take a dark-haired dog. This is less contagious than a white one when he also wants to be faithful in the neighborhood of his boss when he is tinkering and faithfully lays down on the garage floor until he can lie down in the back seat again ...

And emotionally, classic owners with British cars, Volvo station cars and Jeepachtigen just have to have a dog to complete the picture.

Let's ask something crazy: Send a photo of your dog and your classic to the editors. Maybe we can make a nice photo compilation of that.

Wammes, the new dog'Wammes' comes from the shelter in Doetinchem.

Because he came from the other side of the IJssel, he first barked in dialect. This cross between a borderline collie a labrador and an unknown third party was just as pathetic as a Romanian or Greek dog. But a real Dutch asylum seeker. Not bred for patheticity, but really pathetic.

He had been locked up, gnawed his upper incisors on the bars of a too small bench, had an impressive number of scars, and was more than a little insecure.

But after a tight year and pulling some incisors, it has become an absolute top dog and proof that there is a big similarity between dogs and classics:

You have to go for it, you have to be patient. love, passion and respect ..

Then you always have fun and no hassle.

By the way: The people who let such a bad foreign dog fly in for adoption of course have saved a life just as well. And this type of trade was maintained. But they didn't know the latter…



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  1. I love this article, many people have no idea of ​​the phenomenon of 'dog' and unfortunately some of the phenomenon of 'classic'.
    At the risk of being slaughtered; own dogs first.


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