Kawasaki 90 G1L

Kawasaki 90 G1L
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When hearing the name Kawasaki everyone thinks about speed and dynamics. The 500 cc three-cylinder two-stroke engines of the brand have become legendary. The six-cylinder 1300s from the brand are also from those historic points in motorcycle history. Yet Kawasaki has also started producing motorcycles as reliable means of transport. The M10 from the sixties was such a means of transport. The somewhat more recent 90 G1L was that too. In 1970 at least one copy was sold. And that still drives. In fact: now there is someone who uses such a machine for commuting.

So a Kawasaki 90 G1L

Alex Janssen buys barn finds with or without license plate. Little Kawasaki was such a barn find. And Alex thought he was too nice and beautiful to put away. And how well known is such an 90 G1L? "NOT!" The bicycle can hardly be found in the publications. Not even in our old collection of volumes from the Weekblad Motor blissful. This copy came on license plate mid 1970. The first transfer was in Alex's name: in 2018.

What we did find is that this Kawasaki 88 cc is large and has a compression of 6,7: 1. When he was new he must have delivered 8 hp at 7.000 rpm. It has a four-speed gearbox and is at least still fast enough to calmly swim along with the scarce traffic in the dikes and floodplain landscape near Doorenburg. And whether this brave free-range farmer has an enormous amount of patina or whether it must be restored immediately? Opinions on that will be divided. But Alex likes it that way. But the plastic lip on the rear fender that was characteristic of that time? Something we also found in the small Hondas of that time? The part that is 'always wrong and no longer available'? That is just over there.

In the field of motorcycle, the Netherlands has always been the country of 'A heavy one is your true'

But still: light motorcycles from the sixties and seventies are gradually starting to get the interest of enthusiasts. But they are not sown. In their cheapest period they were - under the motto "a yellow plate on it and go!" only loved by young moped riders. If you find one already, you'll be lucky. Also in terms of price.

The light weights are still not expensive

Because there are still copies to be found for the famous 'little'. Usually the problems only come when searching for parts. Because if the CMSNL site does not provide answers, it will be very difficult. That certainly applies to little-sold exotics such as this little Kawasaki. Things are a bit better for something like an 90 cc Honda. So it is really a tip to only buy as complete as possible, or everything that is loose and stuck. Maybe you will one day become rich in reselling extremely scarce parts. Perhaps…

The prices of very nice specimens from this range are already quite firm when we talk about engines such as Zündapps K100. And recently a new Honda C90S restored for new condition was offered for € 3.500. And that's not cat water.

Kawasaki 90 G1L

Kawasaki 90 G1L

Kawasaki 90 G1L


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  1. I have one, completely complete. Indeed from 1970. Used the Kawa to drive home from the garage of my Honda 750F2. The Kawa fitted perfectly in the shed between the bikes. The Kawa has been disassembled in the attic for 40 years. Have already been looking for an enthusiast. First wanted him in the garage above mine Citroën DS hang, they are exactly the same age! Still not done

  2. I have one from 1970 without license plate. Partially disassembled, completely complete. Am looking for a lover

  3. In the period 1973 - 1974 I owned a Kawasaki GA2A SS 90cc from 1972 with the registration number VR-38-45. A weak point was the rotating inlet (metal ring versus plastic disc). Five pieces were worn out in this short period.

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