Kawasaki ZZ-R600. A classic?

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In its history, Kawasaki has often focused on speed as an asset. Fast, very sporty engines can also be classics. Even though they are only just officially classical. Only nowadays they are not very practical anymore with all roadside cash registers. They use die-hards on circuits. The ZZ-R600 is a user-friendly example of that approach.

The Kawasaki ZZ-R 600 is the little brother of the Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100. The first model was released in 1990, the ZZ-R 600 D1. In 1993 it was succeeded by the E1.

The Kawasaki ZZR600 (or ZZ-R 600) is the mild version of the unprecedentedly sporty Kawasaki image. He is fast. But you could just take it easy with it. The two of them. And the fact that he clearly belongs to the 'Tupperware generation' with all his sheet metal work? That is meanwhile also nostalgically endearing.

A fast middle class

The Kawasaki ZZ-R 600 is the little brother of the Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100. The first model was released in 1990, the ZZ-R 600 D1. In 1993 this was followed by the E1.

The ZZ-R600 from 1990

That ZZ-R 600D1 came on the market in 1990 as the 'light' variant of the Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100. The ZZ-R 1100 was a sporty trend-setter in the extremely sporty touring segment. With the introduction of the ZZ-R600D1, Kawasaki wanted to compete in the sporting touring segment in which the FZR600 and CBR600F ran unapproachably on the asphalt.

Kawasaki's approach was to develop a motorcycle that had a very sporty character, but that was also comfortable enough to tour, even with someone behind. The handy luggage hooks and the fairly comfortable seat already betray that this is not a circuit bike, but a bike to take with you on a journey.

It is of course not a Goldwing

The result was a fairly large, comfortable motorcycle that was also faster than the Honda CBR600F that led the segment at the time: the ZZ-R 600.

The D1 model was so good that it remained unchanged for three years until the E1 version of the ZZ-R600 appeared in 1993. The basis remained the same, but the E1 version received a lot of updates.

With Twin Ram Air

The biggest change to the ZZ-R600E1 was the introduction of the Twin Ram Air system, which provided an improved air intake system for the supply of air to the airbox via the 2 air inlets under the headlight. This together with lighter internal engine parts made for an even sharper driving experience.

Note old damage

What you should pay attention to with such a ZZR 600 is of course its general state of maintenance. It saves that these motorcycles are not used very often on circuits, but do check for hidden fall damage. Be sure to check the steering stops. If they are smashed, the Kawa can stay where he is. But preventive replacement of the water pump can be smart. The original outlets are rust sensitive. The tank, by the way. So just knock or puncture before purchasing.

Our fashion model is an 1993 person with something of 30D km on the clock. There are ZZR600s that have run 90D + kilometers without any problems. And 98 pk and a top of 235 km / h? In 2019 you certainly don't have to feel like a wallflower with that.

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  1. Have had a chopper, the Kawasaki 600 eliminator American model with this block was really a beast of a chopper top of 210 on the counter and that upright, you got a thick neck but fun.

  2. Z ZR = very, very fast, had exactly the same color, best bike! Hangs nicely on the gas, the right tires on it and away wind sensitivity

  3. zzr means, very very rap. I also had an 600 there, how it hung on the gas! those of 102 pk for the environmental demands struck madness, very nice bike, sensitive to the right tire choice, the good tires on it (below) much more stable, I believe Michelin Macadan

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