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rodents in classic
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Our classics are dreaming about spring. We are also waiting inside for better weather.

And what about the mice? Do you think they would like to run over the wet ground in the field with their cold stomachs? That they don't dream about better weather?

Fortunately, you have been kind enough to leave the windows of your classic ajar. Because of the ventilation. Or perhaps you have left the air vents of your classic ajar.

Entire mouse families can be grateful. And while waiting for spring, they can make cozy nests and keep their teeth sharp on the upholstery of your classic ...

Just to be sure, take a look in the shed. Close the windows of your pride. Close the ventilation valves. Get a cat from the shelter ...

Automobilia 2022 (copy)



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  1. I am not bothered by mice (yet) but I have my motorcycle saddle at home, in the past the “neighbor's cat” once used one of my saddles as a scratching post.

  2. The mice don't just like classics.
    have the classic nicely in winter storage and the windows ajar.
    never bothered by mice, but next to the classic is the Peugeot 3008, but they crawl under the hood and gnaw the insulation, and that doesn't make you happy.
    So now bought an electronic mouse chase and hope that she can chase away now.

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