Looking for key space ... For the Black Cross

wanted black cross key space
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AMK reader Patrick Roes and his friends want to and can participate next year in the now almost world-famous Zwarte Cross. They come from the Zwarte Cross region, so they actually play a home game.

But unfortunately they have lost their key and workspace. And it turns out that even on De Overkant van de IJssel the 'low budget' work and key spaces are not super easy to find.

So the young heroes in a mild form of panic. Because time is running out again.

It is not their intention to sacrifice a Real Classic to that, but some sort of old USA Ford pickup has to be ground and welded.

If you would like to help a few young people who work on a car and who may want to become classic lovers later on, then please contact Patrick Roes 06 34221601.

The Black Crossers in the making themselves think in the region about Doetichem or something.
They know the country and speak the language.

You will be thanked in advance

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