KNAC and FEHAC are picking up but still being cautious

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After the 40 annual compromise on the MRB exemption, which was concluded last spring, the KNAC and FEHAC were quiet for a while. After they were seated in the corner by Secretary of State Frans Weekers - and reported on it - a kind of radio silence occurred. did take up the challenge and fought in such a successful manner that a breakthrough seems imminent in the struggle to keep the scheme as it is today. The KNAC and FEHAC did not wish to inform their supporters about the action, but now seem to return to that position. And the KNAC is now also active in other areas.

KNAC and FEHAC remain on their guard
Because Wouter van Embden demonstrated that the State Secretary provided the House with incomplete information this spring, the principles for the 40 year compromise have also changed. The KNAC and FEHAC feel cheated and want to get round the table again. They also seem to be moving cautiously towards, but the objectives of the KNAC, FEHAC and are still a long way apart. The KNAC does not want to compromise on the compromise. Peter Eloy Staal says that he fears that when opening the negotiations, Weekers will still fall back on the decision to scrap the old-timer scheme, or to provide other elements in the car file with extra burdensome measures. FEHAC leader Bert Pronk would also like to stay with the agreement, but may see openings to remove its sharp edges. In the meantime, will continue to pursue the aim of maintaining the Van Vliet Amendment and has built up a solid file for this. The FEHAC, in particular, is now also beginning to be cautious about understanding.

Action against environmental zones
After the disappointing negotiations that resulted in the 40-year compromise, the KNAC shows itself again somewhat. The problem of environmental zones is currently at play in The Hague, Amsterdam and especially Utrecht. In Amsterdam, the plan for environmental zones was canceled. As an alternative, Amsterdam only wants to issue parking permits for clean people and vans. The problem is more complicated in Utrecht and the KNAC is now taking action against it.

Advisory referendum
The KNAC is currently committed to obtaining an advisory referendum against the environmental zones. They received permission from the Utrecht city council to work towards this referendum. For this, a small 2.700 signature must be collected in the Domstad. Yesterday, the KNAC collected 300 signatures during a car parade in that endeavor. The counter is now in total on such 600 signatures. If the counter to be precise is on 2.698 statements of support, these will be submitted to the municipality of Utrecht together with an introductory request. After two to four weeks - after approval by the mayor - the following phase can be started: holding an advisory referendum.

Facilitating role
The KNAC facilitates the citizen of Utrecht by working for this referendum. A majority against the environmental zone does not mean that it is binding: the characteristic of an advisory referendum. The final decision lies with politics. In any case, the KNAC demonstrates that - just like the FEHAC - it has found its way back to advocacy. And the information withheld by State Secretary Weekers in the vintage car file is a good starting signal for Peter Eloy Staal to continue fighting with for the preservation of the Van Vliet Amendment.


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  1. The bovag will be a big proponent of this, hoping to pull the car out of the slob by selling it.

    The government forgets 1 important thing the car driver delivers at least 20 billion annually in income, by making driving impossible and especially unaffordable and people have to say goodbye to their car, the income will be disappointed or compensated, so that car driving will still be becomes more expensive for the rest of the group.

    On balance, we benefit more from good traffic flow, which certainly contributes to a cleaner environment!

  2. The Germans see the “well-functioning system” in Germany differently.
    Enforcement is almost non-existent, the air quality has not improved according to research.
    The administrative costs hardly outweigh the revenues, so that ultimately the motorist can run for it again.
    It's all about government revenues where the "environment" is the new alibi to rip off citizens.
    The BOVAG, FEHAC and KNAC are mainly concerned with themselves and are afraid of the government, shame!

  3. I think that the advocates for oldtimers and youngtimers would be wise to hire Wouter van Embden from now on as a permanent lobbyist for the oldtimer and youngtimer industry. He manages to provide the correct ammunition with numerical support and good arguments to convince politicians of their inequality.

  4. All is not that bad if they do it just like in Germany. On LPG, the oldtimer simply goes into the green category and can therefore go anywhere. A new diesel is a different story. Also, obtaining this sticker is not difficult or expensive. Anyway, why would they look at our eastern neighbors in The Hague, who have had a well-functioning system for years. Hir just needs to be made money on it (knocked out of the bag)… ..bah !!!!

  5. Dear people,
    Bit late from fehac and knac!
    In some circles, the consensus lives alone
    Classics from before the war or until the 50 years are interesting!
    This is also reflected in the 40 years of compromise.
    In my opinion, brand clubs are all just credible
    If they cancel their FEHAC membership immediately.

    Ben Berthel

    • But it is still necessary that this measure as they want to be implemented in Utrecht does not go ahead. Many old-timer and young-timer enthusiasts will be duped by this.

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