KNAC goes to Council of State in connection with environmental zone

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The Royal Dutch Automobile Club (KNAC) appeals against the decision of the Utrecht Court of Appeal (dated 10-1-2016) concerning the Utrecht environmental zone. In that judgment, the KNAC finds various starting points for continuing the legal activities.

In an earlier instance, the court set aside, among other things, the traffic decree of the municipality of Utrecht and the objection of the KNAC was deemed well-founded. The court also described the effect of the environmental zone as being 'marginal' and considerably smaller than was suggested by the municipality of Utrecht. However, the KNAC does not agree with the court's decision to maintain the environmental zone despite all this. Reason why the KNAC and the affiliated KNAC Vriendenclubs are now appealing.

Uniform policy
Apart from the fact that the introduction of the Utrecht environmental zone per 1 January 2015 has had no demonstrably large effect, the KNAC has difficulty with the considerable costs associated with the introduction of the environmental zone. The KNAC advocates - if there should already be an environmental zone - a uniform, national policy. The KNAC also points out that the motion of the House of Representatives not to make the board used to date for environmental zones apply to passenger cars was not taken into account in the earlier court ruling. Finally, according to the KNAC, the share of the pollution of the vehicles that have been rejected in relation to other road users has not been taken into consideration.

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  1. especially older people who are chronically ill just like us and who depend on our old (1980) invalid bus, we are both chronically ill and invalid for a long time and are being destroyed on all sides with bad policies and spending cuts, including this million zone where we can now no longer go to the tax service and also not to the court in utrecht, (both are in the million zone,) we have now requested / requested three times an exemption from civil masters and aldermen in Utrecht, but have not yet once an answer / date for treatment may be received citizen master of zanen is not there for people, but for grabbing money and taxes !!! the next step for us is moving to a place where we cannot find a million zones, we live from the food bank care is no longer there (we can no longer pay) and the criminal anbi registered state of the netherlands (tax service / cjib / cvom / youth care), there are only to totally destroy our old saviem nk-64-vr from 1980, disabled bus approved according to the rules in the netherlands we can now no longer use in several places, in the netherlands, but a car that is on we do not get these (lie-like false) standards from the municipality of Maarsen / founder's fight where we live), we also do not get a relocation allowance so that we can live somewhere else so that we can fully use our disabled bus again, I gladly join your legal case against utrecht (we are both dependent on our disabled bus this is because we can no longer travel by bus / train / valys / regional taxi myself by 8 chronic diseases, and gisela my wife by 7 chronic diseases all have been determined by specialists, cordially greeting gisela and cornell camel track 481 3605th maarssen

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