KNAC welcomes developments in the environmental zone dossier

Environmental zone
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In its newsletter, the KNAC has expressed its satisfaction with the motion adopted by the Lower House of VVD member Barbara Visser. She is an emphatic supporter of the removal of environmental zones in inner cities. "We feel supported in our fight against these senseless environmental zones," says KNAC director Peter Staal. “But we have not yet achieved our goal. We must now move on to legislation, because the cities involved do not seem to care much about the motion. "

The KNAC also feels supported by Traffic Minister Schultz, who said this morning via Twitter that he did not want to introduce a national traffic sign for environmental zones. "In our opinion, there is no longer any legal basis for fining people in municipalities where an environmental zone for passenger cars has been introduced, such as in Utrecht," says Peter Staal. “And that gives us more confidence in the successful outcome of the lawsuit that we have brought against the municipality of Utrecht about the environmental zone. The intended zone in Rotterdam therefore also lacks a legal basis. "

12 kilometers away in the Netherlands where European standards are not met
“We have seen it become increasingly messy with those plans for environmental zones,” says Peter Staal in the newsletter. “In some cities only older diesels should not be allowed in, in other places no older petrol cars and there are also plans for an environmental zone for two-stroke scooters. It is such a big puzzle for the public, even though there are only 12 kilometers in the Netherlands where the European environmental standards are not yet met. ”

"Air is cleaner than ever"
"The KNAC is for clean air, let that be clear," continues Staal. “But we are against environmental zones, because they are not necessary at all. The air is cleaner than ever in our country and the air quality gets better every year due to the ever cleaner cars. And yet municipalities in our country are planning new measures for the coming years to keep cars out of city centers. It is therefore good that the House of Representatives is intervening and sending a clear signal that environmental zones for passenger cars must disappear. "

KNAC put environmental zone issues on the map very well
The KNAC already put the issues, the lack of usefulness and the uncertainties around the local environmental zones on the political map in 2013. In addition, a case was brought to enforce a ban on the environmental zone in Utrecht. The preliminary relief judge did not veto for the time being. The KNAC then appealed, the verdict of which is said to be in January.

Source: KNAC
Edited: Erik van Putten



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  1. To my surprise, Pieter Staal is now behind PAL who fools forbidden to drive in large cities (where old Ambulance or Fire brigade may come). If only Mr Pieter Staal had been awake at the introduction of the € 120. Scheme that managed to bring an entire Old Timer industry to the abyss while that stick of old Diesel cars imported from Germany in large numbers was the real reason to intervene !! But then the KNAC and especially Mr. Pieter Staal slept in his Executive Chair with a big cigar!
    Carel Sarlet (Old Timer owner with half-finished “now worthless” collection of Old Timers).

  2. maarssen, here exactly the same both are disabled and chronically ill have an old disabled bus and may not now (twice exemption requested because of health problems twice total response from zanen bah what a municipality !! (so can not serve tax diesnt where we receive weekly 4 / 5 blue envelopes from daan, and also not to lawsuits that we have brought against the criminals of municipality maarssen / Stichtse fight !!! both addresses are exactly in the million zone !!!! no cordial greetings from gisela and cornell burger, Maarssen

  3. Nonsense these zones !!! I am a pensioner with medical problems. Don't have the money for an expensive new car. Now I can't go to Utrecht with my Ford Mondeo 1998 and that is very, very difficult for me with public transport.

    So I will do my shopping and urban visit to Woerden and other small towns around my home.
    Utrecht has lost a customer

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