Knokke Grand Prix 2021: Concours d'Elegance – a report

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The 't Zoute competition has been part of a select group for several years, including events such as Goodwood, Villa D'Este and Pebble Beach. The area is immediately beautiful, because the Royal Zoute Golf Club is one of the best. The Sparrendreef with the stately villas is the only entrance gate and so you are immediately in the mood before you even set foot on the grass. It is not my intention to list the cars on display, so I will only take a few.  

By: Geert Huylebroeck

There was a section as a tribute to the recently deceased Baron Roland D'Ieteren. The man whose ancestors, the Dederen family,  lived in Schinnen (NL Limburg) in the 1750s and later settled in Brussels as builders of carriages and carriages. Later it was that family, meanwhile  Called D'Ieteren, who started importing the Volkswagen Beetle in the late 40s and later built an empire that went much further. In addition to a BMW 507, his collection also included a 5000 Maserati 1962GT Coupé, but if I could choose one, it would be the beautiful Bugatti T57 from 1934. 

A little further on was one of the 18 built  Arese Superleggera RH95s from 2021, brand new but already classic. With a design by the Belgian Louis De Fabribeckers, you immediately score with this ... even if you have about a million dollars in your account to be able to buy it. 

A little further a selection from the collection of Albert Uderzo, the man behind the comics of Asterix. Or how you can build up a collection of Ferraris with the sale of comics. My choice would still be the F40 that he drove from 1988 to 96, after which he switched to an F50.

Opposite you found a lineup of Jaguar E-type. There was also one with a story: the S2 from 1970 and once used as a 'frimawagen' by British motorsport journalist Denis Jenkinson. Incidentally, it is the same man who in 1955, as a co-driver of Stirling Moss, in a Mercedes 300SLR, wrote the fastest Mille Miglia ever: 1000 miles at an average of 157 km/h and that on secondary roads.  


This was followed by a selection from the collection Jean 'Beurlys' Blaton, who is not only a jazz musician and builder, but also a successful racer. My choice here is a bit more difficult and would be between the Ford GT40, a car that crashed heavily during the 1968H of Le Mans in 24 when a door suddenly came loose and was only restored years later, or the JB racing Barchetta special. Jean wanted to build something to his idea about long-distance racing. He bought a dilapidated Ferrari F40 to rebuild it quite a bit, so much so that Ferrari demanded that all references to the make and type be removed. 




Also the Citroën SM celebrated its 50th birthday. There were different versions, but the most striking was the combination of a vehicle converted into a breakdown vehicle with a trailer on the back with a second one with a Maserati V6 block in it. On the Bonneville Salt Flats, both Jerry Hathaway and his wife Sylvia reached the 200 mph mark, becoming the 3rd couple ever to join the Bonneville 200 mph Club.  



On the other side of the terrain than the Pre-War Sport class. There it was the 6 Amilcar C1931 that took the prize. This is truly unique and completely original, something that is very rare for a car with racing history. He is therefore described as “the ultimate dream for a pre-war race car collector”. 


Finally, the “best of show” went to a 1934 Lancia Lambda Casaro. 



But that they don't always have to be supercars was proven with the Citroën 2hp Sahara version, with 2 engines, one for the front wheels and a second in the trunk to drive the rear wheels. 




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