La Mondiale is ready

La Mondiale
A perfectly successful restoration of La Mondiale
After a fascinating article by Rene de Ruyter about the restoration of a La Mondiale in the January issue of this year, the owner promised to send photos when the two-wheeler was ready.

Well, promise is guilty and now the photos are on the editorial virtual desktop. And we didn't want to deny you this either. The engine is more beautiful than beautiful, it appears. Although it remains a bit strange. Remarkable detail remains the gas tank, but also note the double front brake. It is a privilege to own such a machine. We wish the owner a lot of pleasure during the first test drives.


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  1. Hello beautiful machine la mondiale I am doing some research because if I am not mistaken the son-in-law of the inventor of the la mondiale came to us this afternoon with pictures of the factory of the founder together with his family really worth taking these pictures once to publish. I can e-mail his data if interested

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